New Life….

So living in Berkeley now working in Production Management with Berkeley Rep and really really missing writing. After my failed post-college webseries I just kinda focused on working and let dreams of being a working writer get swallowed by adulthood. Now I’m on the hunt for a literary agency for the book I’ve worked off and on developing over the past few years. Also intending to fancy up yee ol’ website over the holidays.

In addition to trying to snag an agent for my book out in Query land, thinking about a future for Fairy Dust I am. I had several tomes planned as a web series I didn’t get the funding. But….maybe another format for those characters will rise. One where the funding is “imagination”.

Crowdfunding Unsuccessful, but it’s not the end….

Life kicked me a little bit, but I’m getting back up. I have not given up on my passion project, Fairy Dust. Find out more about what’s going on with Fairy Dust…. here.

The Crowdfunding Campaign begins….wish me luck….

The Kickstarter Begins

Yes! Success!

Fairy Dust the Series has a Director! I met Jes Goodyear in a first year script writing class at Towson and now we’re collaborating on Fairy Dust (which has it’s own URL now More about this will soon be up on the Fairy Dust Website.

Guess who got a Twitter….think about it….

So I got a twitter and got suspended my FIRST DAY! Why? Don’t ask me… anyway, there is now content to be browsed on And a Campaign….no not kickstarter, not indiegogo, not patreon…isn’t there another one? Anyway, it’s a BOTTLECAP campaign. What? Don’t look at me like that. Trust me, there’s a higher purpose.

So lots of crazy things happened….

I graduated college for one, yay me, I got a B.S. in Theatre Studies at 34 years old. It’s been a big couple of years. At this moment I am doing two things (well three kinda). I am the videography intern at Wolf Trap Opera Company, I am working on a WebSeries due to launch in September, and I am on a weight loss mission….yes again, be quiet. But the webseries thing is the most important. So I’m going to be tidying up around here and making more announcements about that soon. But if you want to see a really boring website with no content yet (okay my photoshop banner is cool in my opinion).


Content Shift

Some content isn’t here, where did it go? Why it went to

In the End we Bring it Back

I decided instead of making this site into, I thought it made more sense to let be a separate website.

Working on a ReVamp

So for a long time, this website has been a wonderful playground, but as I approach the end of my college career I decided it’s time to reflect more of me and less of JK Rowling, much as I love her. So will be becoming very soon. This will include a change in layout, a dropping of some content, and (hopefully) the birth of some new content.

Star Wars revisited and reflections on the Clone Wars

Felt like watching Star Wars, went back to Episode I, decided to look up Lloyd on the internet, as I wonder what he looked like now.
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