Extended Family of the Series

These are dolls that became family outside of my intended re-birth of the On the Avenue series (which started as a short story series before I decided to explore the characters through dolls). In the process of doing both my Random Doll Stories and my On The Avenue series, these doll families kind of merged with the planned ones and expanded the world of “On the Avenue”. Of course one group not mentioned on here is the Weasley Family, and that’s because they were a such a special part of Kelley Avenue that they were their own project.

The Clarks

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Sophia came to play a large part in ‘On the Avenue’ while I was writing it. In fact, I would argue, much to my shock she and Dawn became the primary romance that walked a tightrope throughout the season. I came to adore Sophia through crafting her story in The flying car adventure and camp story. Her family struggle became a huge part of what the “On the Avenue” story became.

Sophia (in the gray dress) is a swim line Teresa doll who’s been body swapped. Her mom Maria (yellow/red top) is some Barbie or Barbie friend I found in K-mart. Sophia’s younger brother Ellis (yes the tall guy behind her) is Ellis from the ‘Crusin’ in my ride’ gift set. And Bill the photographer (who got his name in my first Happy Family Photo Story) is a solider action figure (from the World Peacekeeper’s collection).

Carson Family

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Ken Carson is named, of course, by Mattel. I wanted to have one guy in my world that was “officially” Ken. Anyway, my Ken is a foster dad. After taking care of his little brother, he decided to open his home to other boys. Right now that includes Daniel (a Hogsmeade Harry Potter), Patrick (formerly Sweetsville Tommy/ Duke de Sucre), and Dean (formerly an AA Dream Wedding Todd).

I know this Tommy is a little gentleman Tommy, not sure about Ken’s original box designation, but I’m pretty sure he’s from a swim line. My Ken is a foster dad. After taking care of his little brother, he decided to open his home to other boys. Right now that includes Daniel (a Hogsmeade Harry Potter), Patrick (formerly Sweetsville Tommy/ Duke de Sucre), and Dean (formerly an AA Dream Wedding Todd).

Happy Family: The Scotts

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This is my African-American Happy Family. Ryan, Nikki, Midge, and Alan have kept thier first names (I just gave them a different last name). They stared in my first photostory. For the series, mostly their kids were day care extras.

Grandma and Grandpa (who came in the Kitchen set) don’t have names yet, cause I can’t think of any so they’re just Grandma and Grandpa for the time being.

Happy Family: The Sherwoods

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My Caucasian Happy Family. Don’t have the Caucasian grandparents yet. These are the Hometown Fair parents Midge and Alan, but I replaced the kids. Ryan is the Amusement Park Ryan and Nikki is the red head from the baby friends.

Why did I swap the kids? Well, Midge has red hair and freckles. Amusement Park Ryan (unlike the other
Caucasian Ryans) has freckles and the red-head has red hair like mom. I thought it was cuter this way. I just wish my stupid camera could pick up the little detail (freckles).

Again, this Happy Family primarily ended up playing the part of ‘extras’ in scenes. They were just another set of Day Care Parents.

X-Files Family

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The Fox Mulder and Dana Scully who live on Kelley Avenue are parents that have two kids. Emily II and William.

William is a mini Cabbage Patch Kid by Mattel. On the show, Scully had a daughter named Emily that died. Well the day I bought School Time Kayla home, I decided that she looked like an Emily clone and ended up throwing the X-File couple in with my parents. Mulder and Scully both made appearances in earlier photo stories in an official capacity.

The Skywalkers (well Skywalker-Solo Family)

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These are my unboxed members of the Skywalker Family (minus my Leia, who finally was removed from her box and now resides on display with the other family members).

Roberts Familiy

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Barbie, Skipper, Stacie, Todd, Kelly, and Krissy (not in that order in the picture of course) are the Robert’s family mattel built.

This is Kelley Ave’s Barbie family. I had to have at least one version of the Roberts family right? I’m not sure what kind of Barbie, Stacie, Todd, Teen Skipper and Krissy they are. The Kelly is from the Nutcracker collection, she’s the peppermint girl. As for the rest, your guess is as good as mine on what there full IDs were in box. But in the end, my dolls are play dolls so all that matters I wanted ‘a version’ of Mattle’s Roberts clan. Todd and Stacie were primary players in my early stories, but mostly became background as the “On the Avenue” drama evolved.

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