Adobe Premiere vs. Final Cut

So I’m editing a project in Final Cut today and I really don’t understand the Final Cut Fan Boys, Premiere is soooo much better that I wish I had skipped buying a Mac and just invested in a nice Windows Computer that could run Premiere. However, this way I can run Final Cut Express if I have to and bring it into Final Cut Pro at school if I’m sharing a project with Final Cutters. (The Film Program I’m in is FCP7). I personally really like Adobe for one HUGE reason, when I’m trying to get a BASIC editing project set upin the timeline, before any fine tunning I might do, I’m not constantly stopped by Final Cut’s inability to show me my project as I edit it WITHOUT rendering 5 bazzillion times!!! I’m stopped over and over again by Final Cut’s ‘unrendered’ screen. The only reason I’m glad I have the Mac is compatibility with other Mac users on projects, but my NLE of choice is def Premiere.

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