It’s Working

I lost 5lbs! Yup, started a Chalean extreme exercise cycle about a month ago. I am now 5lbs lighter. Not much, I know. But I’m happy to know changes are coming.

My sci-fi script Rachel West also lives again. My unfinished Rachel West script has been moving forward thanks to some motivating words on writing from Josh Weadon in an article I read. One word in particular. Finish. The best book/movie script/play in the world is worth nothing if left unfinished. And as Chalene Johnson says in ‘Extreme Motivation’ – fit people ‘do’, they don’t wait for things to be done for them. ‘Doing’ applies to more than just exercise, I make it my thought on life in general. The weight won’t disappear on it’s own and the script won’t finish itself. If you want something you ‘do’ everything to get it and no matter how big the goal, there’s always some small next step you can take to make it a reality.

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