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Let’s see, what can I say about me? My name is Dawn. I’m an artist who’s craft is telling stories. I find many ways to do this. Of course it started with direct narrative writing, but as I have grown I have found their are many ways to express a story.

Want to know more about me? I on the verge of graduation from Towson University (Fall of 2014) I am a Theatre Studies Major with an Electronic Media & Film minor. I like Harry Potter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and Angel – that whole universe), almost anything Tim Burton has touched, stop motion animation, and a bunch of random independent films. Not a huge fan of gore-based horror, but can enjoy a good thriller. A couple of my favorite writers are Sarah Waters and Neil Gaiman. I am a huge ANDROID girl, and only own a Mac for film editing, though I will say Apple’s magic mouse is AMAZING to use. The IMac and the Magic mouse are on a short list of Apple products I’m proud to own.

This website was put together using the WordPress as my CMS, The Harry Potter Desk Theme downloaded from WordPress Free Templates, and FireFTP (which is an awesome add-on for the FireFox Browser). I also have a portfolio website with some of my work featured on it at DawnMarieKelley.com

Hope you find something of interest here as you stumble around my website. If you want to shoot me an e-mail, direct it to rhondaweasley[at]gmail.com

Welcome to RhondaWeasley.com. Dawn is a writer, theatre artist, and film maker. She loves to create and be a part of the creative. This is my webspace playground, for blogging, displaying my work, and general all-around fan fun.
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