During my time as a fansite based webmaster (and I had many fan-based sites over the years, a good half of them dedicated to something about Harry Potter) I got the chance to interview a couple of the faces of the fandom and felt very lucky to have caught their attention and to have gained a chance to interview these people. The chance to bring a unique interview to the fandom was a brilliant experience for me. Here are the interviews (please credit if you re-post).

Chris Lazar interview (Dark Angel TV series)

I use to run a website dedicated to Dark Angel's Zack and the young guy who played the youngest version of X5 599 granted me and interview. the story

Interview with Prisoner of Azkaban's Bill Weasley (Richard Fish)

For a time I ran a huge Weasley-centric site called Weasley Network. It caught the attention of Richard Fish, who was hired as an extra in a Weasley Family Photo featured in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. He granted me an interview based on the level of Weasley appreciation on my site. the story

Interview with Prisoner of Azkaban's Charlie Weasley (Alex Crockford)

After gaining Richard Fish's attention, Alex Crockford granted me an interview as well, which was originally posted on my Weasley Network site. the story

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