On The Avenue (The Series)

On The Avenue - Series 1
Episode 1.16: Betrayed

Sophia and Francisco cross the line. Will Dawn Carr be able to forgive her friend for what she's done?
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On The Avenue - Series 1
Episode 1.17: Love's Consequences

The truth "comes out" and the Parents of the Kelley Avenue day care kids are not okay with it. Plus, Shawn is finally being held accountable for his actions.
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On The Avenue - Series 1
Episode 1.18: The Beginning of Summer

The Kelley Avenue kids rally around the Carr family to save Kelley Kids Care.
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Bonus Scene: Off to Hiz Camp

On The Avenue Bonus Scene

The Carr boys are sent on a bonding adventure.
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The Kelley Avenue Familie

On The Avenue Bonus Scene

Read More about the Families and Friends of Kelley Avenue
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