You won’t own me

[May 2003]

Fandom: Smallville
Title: You won’t own me
PenName: EV
Paring(s): Lana/Chloe
Rating: NC-17
Summary:  Missing scene from “Accelarate”.
Notes: There were some good (and bad) possessive Chloe vibes in Accelarate, like Chloe telling Clark he didn’t know the real Lana and that look she got when Lana grabbed Clark’s hand. So it was begging for a little ficlet..
Warning(s): Females engaged in sexual activity with each other.
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters featured in the WB teen drama series Smallville. No copyright infringement intended.

Lana returned home from the theater, still shaken from having seen Emily. But Clark had been there in her moment of fear, loyal Clark, loyal like a dog, loyal to a fault. She cared for Clark so much and she wanted to love him, love him properly, but it was hard. She never quite knew if he was seeing the real her or seeing only what he wished to see. And there was someone else and the closer she got to that person, the more confused she became. As long as her feelings existed in some vague space undefined, things were fine, she could pretend to be the Lana Clark saw, but there was another Lana, a Lana Clark didn’t know at all.

She went to her room, undressed, slipped into the shower, and tried to drown away her troubles under running water. She heard the shower door open and turned to see Chloe stepping inside. Chloe pushed her against the shower wall and pressed her body against hers.

“You like to drive me crazy don’t you,” she whispered, her lips close to Lana’s ear. She took a soft love bite on her ear, sending a little surge through Lana’s body. “You wanted me too see you touch him.”

Lana didn’t reply, not because she didn’t want to, but because she couldn’t. Chloe’s hands were caressing her skin, moving down around her waist. Any words she attempted to speak now would escape her lips as gibberish.

“You like to make me remind you who you belong too? Don’t you?” Chloe asked

Again, she couldn’t answer. She just wanted to savor the feeling of Chloe’s hands on her body. Chloe’s lips touched her neck and she shivered under those gentle lips. No one else could make her so warm. Since this odd relationship began she’d had an insatiable hunger for Chloe.

“Tell me you want me?” she whispered.

Lana had to catch her breath before she released the words “I want you” from her lips.

“More than Clark?”

“More than — ” she gasped as she felt Chloe’s fingers put pressure on her clit. “Oh fuck, more than anyone.”

Chloe liked when little dirty words like ‘fuck’, words Clark could never imagine slipping from princess Lana’s mouth, found there way to her lips. Then Lana’s lips found Chloe’s lips and captured them in a hungry kiss. Her hips met the rythm of Chloe’s fingers, lost in passion, wanting nothing more than the sweet release that could only be found with her lover and seeking the explosion that would make her forget all the bad things swimming through her head.


In the aftermath the two young lovers kissed gently, a delicate act in a complete contrast to the spontaneous mating that had just happened between them.

“Do you love me?” Lana asked as they held each other.

Chloe didn’t answer for a long time. “Clark’s you’re little toy, not me.” Chloe stepped away from her, leaving Lana feeling cold and alone again.

“I don’t want to own you,” Lana said. “I just want you to say you love me as much as I love you. I know you’re afraid Chloe, but I know what we have and it’s like nothing I’ve ever felt before.”

“It’s just sex,” Chloe said stepping out of the shower.

She knew those words were harsh to Lana’s ears. And it was a lie, it was more than good sex. She love Lana. The truth was, she was afraid of admitting how much Lana did own her. She wouldn’t be Clark, poor pathetic Clark, Lana’s lap dog at her beck and call. She didn’t do it on purpose, but Lana could posses you all too easily and Chloe wasn’t going to allow it. She had to control this situation, not get lost in it or she would be lost. Chloe left the bathroom.

“Why do you do this Chloe?” Lana said to herself. “If it takes Clark to get you’re attention, I’ll use him to get you’re attention.”



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