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How it should Have Ended….

Fun Non-Stop Motion animation by How it Should have ended.

How Harry Potter should have ended…

How Twilight should have ended…

How New Moon should have ended…. (contest entry)… Read This

More Stop Motion worth watching

Just watched this stop motion today and had to post it here to share. Watch Harry & Ron make a mess with magic. :-)Read This

Stop Motion Lego Movie Trailers

Tis the month to focus completely on stop motion.

More fun Stop Motion inspiration found online. Movie trailer re-creations in lego…

Harry Potter

Batman… Read This

Harry Potter Tonner Dolls

So they’re ridiculously expensive and I would never buy them, but how cute is the Harry Potter Tonner doll collection. I use to be annoyed that they were movie based dolls, but Tonner has really gone so far beyond anything Mattel would have embraced in their doll collection. I like my Weasley doll family because they’re mine, but I respect the craftmansship that has gone into this doll collection… Read This

Harry Potter and the Half-Bood Prince . . . intresting thing I noticed

so, recently I’ve been listening to Harry Potter audio books while I do stuff. Mostly, I’ve found I prefer reading a book to listening to it, but when you’re busy doing stuff (washing dishes, cleaning a room, washing clothes) I’ve found listening to a story more convient then watching one (when I’m not in the mood for music). Mostly because you can absorb the story while not needing to look at a screen.

But that’s neither here nor there, I recently noticed. HBP is a really ODD book. I mean it’s funny, REALLY funny. There’s all these goofy, fun… Read This

Harry Potter 7 has a title

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, huh?

I can’t decide if I like that title or not.

I remember thinking immediatly that “Star Wars : Attack of the Clones” was the stupidest title I had ever heard for a Star Wars movie. And I still think so.

“The Deathly Hallows” on the other hand could be intriging. Unlike “Attack of the Clones” is doesn’t sound cheesy on it’s own. I just can’t decide if I like the title because of the “Harry Potter and the…” at the beginning. As a pair they’re just not running off the… Read This

Taking Jo’s words my way….

It’s been a long time since I’ve written here and this will be a long one…

So most of my fellow Harry Potter fans have read Jo’s rant on Hollywood’s super thin obession. I myself was given pause by it. For the past 6 weeks (I’m in week 7) I have been quite obsessed with designing my own person weight loss plan. I applied for “The Biggest Loser” in fact, but alas, they didn’t want me. So decided “screw the TV show, I want to lose weight”. I didn’t need a reality show, I just had to… Read This

My Thoughts on Goblet of Fire (the movie)

I’ve honestly been waiting for “Goblet of Fire” the movie forever. Before “Half-Blood Prince” stole the position, it was my favorite book in the series. And now that’s true for the film series. Which is odd because I consider myself a purest and the film, honestly was the cliff-notes version of the book. It hit all the important points so fast it sort of startles you the first time round. There’s exactly one class (mostly to introduce the unforgivable curses). And The film is mostly the Tri-Wizard task and the Yule ball (with a few scenes here and there to… Read This

I’m forgiving the Promotional Wagon of the WB

It’s been a good couple days for Ron images. And I got my assurace that Pig is in the film, so I’d like to amend my previous rant about lack of Roness. As the new images coming out seem to be more kind with the Roness and as scans come by way of folks with less of a character preferance, more Ron seems to be coming our way. So maybe I was a bit quick to judge the promo people at the WB. It seems fan preferances were actually the cause of the “flood of Emma” that seemed to be… Read This

I swear I’m seeing lightsabers

I know this is a bit of REALLY off-the-wall randomness, but does this picture of Harry in Goblet of Fire remind anyone else of Luke Skywalker with a lightsaber?

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