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More Stop Motion worth watching

Just watched this stop motion today and had to post it here to share. Watch Harry & Ron make a mess with magic. :-)Read This

Stop Motion Lego Movie Trailers

Tis the month to focus completely on stop motion.

More fun Stop Motion inspiration found online. Movie trailer re-creations in lego…

Harry Potter

Batman… Read This

More Excellent Stop-Motion work worth sharing

This film is by Kyle Roberts who has a website Reckless Abandonment Pictures.

It features a dance off between Michael Jackson and Wall-E.

Even cooler, he also has a making-of video

There’s also a great article on him with Stop Motion tips here

Really Funny Barbie Stop-Motion Video

Found this while researching stop-motion. Thought it was cute… Read This

Corpse Bride

I went to see Corpse Bride on Saturday and if you enjoy Tim Burton in general and loved ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ (the movie me and my friend call it’s ‘distant cousin’) then you’ll love this.

Even though this time the stop animation was helped along with a bit of CGI (or so I’ve read) there’s a certain magic to this artform of visual storytelling. It’s sort of like a living ‘toy story’ as it were, if only because unlike CGI the characters are really there. They exsist as physical things and are magically brought to life by film… Read This

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