This section is an archive of my writing, mostly from my youth – I feel my writing has matured, but I still love these stories and what they were in a part of my journey.

I remember the day I began writing. I was 8 years old watching the ‘Ninja’ turtles and declared ‘I could do that’ (that, being, create the story). And so, in a grand burst of creativity, I came up with the Super Ninjas (What a jump, huh? ;) ). I’ve also come to enjoy doing occasional non-fiction based writing as long as it has some sort of creative element to it. However, my first love is my fictional flights of pure imagination.

I hope you enjoy the stories I’ve chosen to archive here.

Welcome to RhondaWeasley.com. Dawn is a writer, theatre artist, and film maker. She loves to create and be a part of the creative. This is my webspace playground, for blogging, displaying my work, and general all-around fan fun.
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