Harry Potter

Ahh, Harry, I refused to read you and got assigned that first book in a college course on youth lit. It began the addiction. I was a Ron/Hermione fan almost from the moment I started writing fan fiction in this fandom.

As much as I loved Hermione/Ron, I began to have a growing interest in exploring in fan fiction what the book series never would. Well, I actually was convinced Tonks was a lesbian until the books proved otherwise. I’m still convinced she was bisexual. I also developed an interest in telling adventures/background stories and not just romance fiction. I’d like to think my Pot of Harry Potter fiction is reasonably diverse (excluding weird things like Hermione/Harry pairings).

Magic's Real: A Hermione Granger Christmas Story

Nine year old Hermione has stopped believing in magic, but she meets a unique Wizard who gives her a peek into her future....read the story

Telling Harry

Hermione and Ron have something to tell Harry. ...read the story

Stolen Kiss

A late night study session leads to interesting places. ...read the story

Tales from the Burrow #1: Arachnophobia

Ron decides to ride Fred’s toy broomstick....read the story

Tales from the Burrow # 2: George takes Flight

A story about the baby Weasley twins getting a hold of flying broom. ...read the story

Hermione Granger and the Centaur Boy

Hermione Granger’s life is changed when she discovers an orphaned Centaur....read the story

Don't be Sorry

Hermione and Ginny share a moment. ...read the story

Harry's Creek

Ginny annalyzes Ron's relationship with Hermione....read the story

A Game of Wizard

Ron and Cho get a chance to talk and feel an unexpected connection. ...read the story

Viktor at the Burrow

Viktor drops by for the summer after fifth year. ...read the story

My Sister's Eyes

Harry's first night at home with the Dursleys, from a Petunia perspective....read the story

A conversation about Percy

Arthur reflects on a son he's lost and Molly comforts him (during OotP). ...read the story

A Weekend With Tonks

When Ginny and Hermione spend the weekend with Tonks, secrets get revealed by them all. ...read the story

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