On The Avenue (the Stories)

When I was a teen, well it started when I was a child actually, I formed these families in my head who all lived in the same neighborhood and I and started writing stories about them. As I matured, the stories matured. I wanted to condense the story into a single tale, but there were so many characters I couldn’t do it. So instead of following a straight plotline, I decided to write a set of short stories that focused on a different character in this imaginary neighborhood at different points in time. The structure wasn’t necessarily linear. The short story series only lasted for a little while. Some time later I decided to do something with the series in the form of a Soap Opera with Dolls.

On The Avenue: Revealing Secrets

Her boyfriend says his relationship with Sharice is just a friendship, her friends say it’s more. who should Karen believe?...read the story

On the Avenue: Gentleman for A Day

He's dangerously desirable to every female he touches, the bad boy every mother fears. Yet, Lina, one of the few girls who sees him for the play boy he is, challenges him to be a gentleman only to find herself falling in love....read the story

On the Avenue: Fate's Game

Confronted in her adult years with the love of her childhood, fated previously to love him only to lose him, will she she takes what may be her last chance to love him?...read the story

On The Avenue: Promises, Promises

Getting involved with a married man had been her biggest mistake. But it was done. Now all she wants is for him to admit his son exist. Will he?...read the story

On the Avenue: Daddy's Girls

The Carr family has made their choices and paid their dues, and now they're trying to build a family. However, one member of this party is unsatisfied and refuses to be left that way....read the story

On The Avenue: Benny's Love

Benny confronts his feelings for his friend’s girlfriend....read the story

On The Avenue: Kim's Love

Love or Sex? Kim tries to figure out why she’s suddenly so into Benny....read the story

On The Avenue: Shaky Return

Francisco and Sharice meet again. At a time when both their young lives were falling to pieces, they were each others touchstones. These childhood friends were torn apart when Sharice moved away, but now she’s back....read the story

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