On The Avenue: Kim’s Love

Title: Kim’s Love
Rating: R
Summary: Love or Sex? Kim tries to figure out why she’s suddenly so into Benny.
Disclaimer:  This is a work of fiction. Not intended to represent any real persons, places, events, or things. This story is copyright Dawn Kelley and all rights to these characters belong to me.

Karen’s head rose from her book as Kim stumbled through the door. Karen looked at her watch, her sister had just beat thier parents home. She could tell her sister had been with that fool Harold and if she didn’t fix herself up, their mom and dad would know to. She was suprised when her twin floped down on the couch instead of fleeing directly upstairs. Karen suddenly noticed this look in her eyes that she had never seen before.

“Sis, What’s up with you.”

“Girl, you not going to believe who I was with.”

“It wasn’t Harold?”

“No, No, it wasn’t Harold, it was the last person you expect,” Kim replied. “But is was so, he was the–” The words escaped her as she remembered the tender moments she shared with him.

“What’s going on?”

“Benny, Benny’s got it going on and on and on,” Kim said as she exhaled.

“Benny? Blond haired, blue eyed, Stacy dis-missed, guy you always making fun of? That Benny?”

“Yes, that Benny,” Kim sighed. “I mean Karen, there was just something about the way he touched me that was so, so caring. Not like Harold at all. When I’m with Harold’s it’s all about him, but with Benny it was like he cared what I felt.”

The doorknob wiggled. It was probably their mother, Karen thought. They would have to continue this discussion in the privacy of the bedroom.

“Come on Kim,” Karen said grabbing her sister’s hand. Kim followed her up to their room.

Kim laughed to herself as they sat on their beds.

“I didn’t know you were interested in gossip, Karen.”

“Yea, well I remember when you weren’t interested in white boys.”

“I’m not,” Kim retorted. “I’m just interested in Benny. And Stacy isn’t. Plus, Harold’s mother is white, he’s not exactly–”

“Girls,” their mother called from downstairs interrupting the conversation.

“Yes,” the twin answered together.

“What are you doing?”

“Homework,” Karen replied.

“Okay,” their mother said without another question.

Karen turned toward her sister. “Now back to Benny.”

“You lied to Mommy. Am I turning my beloved sister into a bad girl.”

“Please, get back to what you were talking about.”

“I don’t know what happened. I was talking to Benny and it was like he really knew what I was feeling. I mean, yeah, I ‘did it’ with him, but it was more than that.”

“Oh my god Kim,” Karen said with this broad smile.”You really like Benny, don’t you?”

Kim smiled.

“I’m glad, I really am. Maybe now you can be in a real relationship and stop sharing Harold with Stacy.”

“We do not share, Harold is mine,” Kim blurted. “He just goes to Stacy for amusement every now and again.”

“And the other ten thousand girls?”


“Why are you defending him?”

“Because I have to have Harold. I mean what would people think if I left Harold for Benny the geek.”

“Why should you care?”

“The same reason you care about even being seen in friendly conversation with Harold. Your reputation.” Kim sighed, “Benny’s a great guy and under different circumstances I wouldn’t care about being with him, but right now it’s High School. I just got to be with Harold.”

“I do not get what’s so great about your reputation as one of Harold’s girls. At least with Benny you’d be the only girl.”

“I doubt it. I was his first. I mean if he had me, it’d only be a few weeks before he was chasing somebody else. And then when he gets new girl, I’m back in the same boat, only lower on the toetem pole, cause it was Benny who dissed me this time.”

“Your scared, aren’t you? Scared of being hurt by him.”

“Oh please,” Kim said sucking her teeth. The haze of the experience was gone from her eyes. She headed into the bathroom.

A short time later, the twins were placing the plates around the table as their mother prepared dinner and their father read the paper. When the food was ready to place on the table they all sat down and began grace. the moment grace was completed the doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it,” Kim said jumping up from the table.

“No, I’ll take care of it,” their father said going to the door. They heard the door open followed by the powerful rumble of their father’s voice. “What do you want boy, we’re eating.”

“I’m sorry sir,” Benny’s voice said from the door. Kim looked up at Karen. “I need to speak with Kim, please. It’s important.”

“What could be important enough to disturb our dinner?”

“Um, Homework sir, your daughter and I share a class. I’m sorry about disturbing your dinner sir, but it’s very important.”

“I guess you’ve been polite enough for me to allow it,” he said turning into the house. “Kim, Benny’s at the door for you.”

“Don’t forget your notebook,” Karen whispered to Kim, who was trying to be cool about the whole thing. She slowly got up, retrieved a random book from her bag and met Benny on the porch. She shut the door behind her.

“Benny what are you doing here?”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t stop thinking about you.”

“Your just a little sprung, it was your first time.”

“No, Kim. It’s more.”

“Benny I’m with Harold.”

“But why? So they’ll accept you. Who are they if we’re with each other? I want to be with you, I want you to be my number one.”

“For how long?” Kim spat out. “Till Susie Q throws you a lil ass.”

“Kim, after this evening how could you think–” Benny exhaled, pulled Kim to him, and planted a kiss on her lips.

Kim felt herself melt, what was it about this guy? Just a day ago, she kissed him as a joke and he’d been afraid to kiss her back. But in one evening his touch had learned to reach somewhere deep down inside that Harold could never journey to because of his preoccupation with the number of females on his rooster. When Benny released her lips, she was left standing in shock.

“Maybe it sounds premature, real premature,” Benny began. “But I feel at this moment that I love you, I just feel it. And it’s, it’s so intense and wonderful. And I can’t believe your telling me that some random pretty face will suddenly alter that feeling.”

“What do you know about love Benny?” Kim shouted. “I sure don’t know anything and I’ve been at this longer than you have been.”

“Nobody really knows any text book definition, do they? You can only know from here,” Benny pointed to his heart. Kim looked from his hand to his face. He was so adorable, such a little boy in the face still. And only a day ago he had only been a buddy. Somebody she knew, but didn’t really know. Now he was saying he loved her. He had no idea how horrible emotions like this could be. If he was like this now, how heart broken would he be when she fucked around on him. He’d be shattered.

“I can’t Benny,” Kim said before turning into the door. Only then did she feel the tears welling in her eyes. How could she go back to the table like this? She was a second away from bursting into tears, and why? Why did she care how he felt? This had started out as a fun romp in the sack. How had it turned into this?

“Kim, I know that wasn’t about schoolwork,” her father said very low.

“Excuse me,” Kim said as a tear dropped from her eye. She ran up the stairs. Their mother rose from the table to go after her.

“Mom, I got it,” Karen announced.

“But she’s crying,” her mother said. “It may be something serious. I mean Benny has never come to our door before.”

“Mom, I know what it’s about kinda. You know if it was that kind of serious, I’d come to you.”

“I trust you Karen, go ahead,” her father said. Her mother didn’t look so sure. She left anyway. Upstairs she found Kim pacing across the room and talking to herself.

“Why do I care, Why do I care at all?” Kim said over and over.

“Why do you?”

“Karen,” Kim said turning to her twin. “I think I am afraid Karen. But not that he’ll hurt me, that I’ll hurt him. And then what if I hurt him so bad that we’re not even friends anymore?”

Karen walked over to her sister and embraced her. “It’s okay not to rush back to bed with him. Tell him that you’d rather be friends a little longer.”

“But Karen, he says he loves me.”

“Kim, love is a very beautiful thing, but it’s also scary and serious. If you need time to think, you need time to think. Your only sixteen. Come on, you got to get yourself together and think of a story to tell mom and dad.”

Karen placed her arm around her sister’s shoulder and they walked downstairs. Kim was still sniffing. Both parents looked worried.

“Uh, mom, dad, I didn’t want you to worry or think Benny hurt me or something. You see, I was talking to this guy and Benny knew I thought it was pretty serious, so he told me that the guy had already gotten very serious with someone else.”

“High school,” her father huffed.

“Oh, poor baby,” her mother said running to hug her daughter.

“I think we need to go upstairs, you know, girl talk,” Karen said maneuvering Kim away from her mother.

“You know, it’s a twin thing,” Kim added as they again disappeared upstairs.

About an hour later Kim sat on her bed finally not crying, but laughing with her sister about things that had nothing to do with Benny. She knew she’d have to talk to Benny tomorrow, but that was tomorrow. Or so she thought. Moments later she heard the ‘tap-tap’ of pebbles on the window.

“What’s that?” Karen asked,as she was closer to the window. She got up a peeked out.

“Oh Kim, looks like your talking to him again tonight. Unless you don’t want to, I’ll tell him to go.”

“No, I’m cool,” Kim said openning the window as Karen stepped back.

“Kim?” Benny questioned.


“Can I come up, I just got one more thing to say.”

“Come on.”

Benny grabbed a neaby latter and made his way up to her window.

“Kim, I’m sorry I said I loved you. I know that was to much presure.”

“No, Benny. If you meant it I’m glad you told me. I just want you to know I’m not ready for to say it back.”

“That’s fine.” He looked unsure about this answer.

Kim leaned over and gave him a quick kiss. “Good night Benny. I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?”

“Okay, Goodnight, Kim.”

Despite this goodnight, neither made a move to part. Their lips came together, connecting in a gentle, delicate, very intimate kiss. She did love this guy. You could see it by the sparkle in her eye. Benny? The guy known unversally as a clown and geek, became Romeo tonight. They broke the kiss and he left, but Kim’s eye’s were left sparkling as she she watched him, watched until he disappeared from sight completely.

“Your not going to tell anyone, are you? About me and Benny. ” Kim asked on the way to the bus stop the next day.

“I’m not saying anything. This situation is in your hands.”

Kim transformed back into her usual self as she walked up to Harold and embraced him. No one could see anything out of the ordinary had happened last night. Not even Harold could tell that just last night, she’d belonged to someone else. Only Karen saw the meaning in Kim’s glance over at Benny and the smile she gave him when he joined thier group. It was bussiness as usual for everyone, but them.

Hours later, Kim sat in English class, doddling on a piece of paper. Students were still filling in when a note dropped on her desk. She looked beside her and saw Benny slide under his desk, he smiled at her. She opened the note.

Dear Kim,

Even if it’s in the quiet and secret, I want to see you.

I Love You,


Kim looked up at the teacher, with her back turned, wrapped up in her discussion. She looked around the class, though she didn’t really care what half of them thought. She wrote under his note:


I got some time after school, we’ll talk at lunch.

She slid him the note. ‘What are you doing?’ Kim asked herself in her head. ‘You aren’t falling in love too. Are you?’

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