The Super Ninjas Series

Super Ninjas was the first thing I ever wrote. I first came up with the concept at the age of 8. In my teen years I re-wrote it and as a young adult, I revisited and revised it. It is the story every kid wants to write. The story of two young children (like themselves) discovering they have amazing phenomenal powers. While the adventures are as juvinille as the characters, as the first series I ever tried to develop these stories remain near and dear to my heart. Here is a sample of the concepts for my series, Super Ninjas.

Super Ninjas [1]: Birth of the Super Ninjas

Two children discover incredible the story

Super Ninjas [2]: Battle with Zeus

The newly christened Super Ninjas fight Dr. Craze's latest creation, the electricity sucking villain Zeus. the story

Super Ninjas [3]: Spydia

One of the strongest beast on Craze island is released on the city, the Spider Woman, Spydia. Once again, it's up to the Super Ninjas to save everyone. the story

Super Ninjas [4]: A New Super Ninja

The arrival of a baby alien changes the Super Ninja team the story

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