Super Ninjas [4]: A New Super Ninja

Title: Super Ninjas 4: A New Super Ninja
Rating: G
Summary: The arrival of a baby alien changes the Super Ninja team forever.
Disclaimer:  This is a work of fiction. Not intended to represent any real persons, places, events, or things. This story is copyright Dawn Kelley and all rights to these characters belong to me.

The Super Ninjas snuck around to the Baby Land widow. Each were shocked that the Dufus’ were robbing a child’s supply store. It was obvious the wife of the midjet couple was in charge. Mrs. Dufus, holding a gun on the staff, was doing most of the directing and Mr. Dufus was standing around holding boxes. Craze Bots marched in and out the store carrying boxes as mothers and mother’s to be cowered on the floor.

“Jake, don’t drop that stuff. I have to spruce up that nursery. My children will have the best.”

“You take the bots, I’ll get the happy couple,” Kim (Super Ninja Two) directed. Each went to thier task. Circiling around the front door Micheal (Super Ninja One) saw seven bots begining to load the baby stuff into an odd looking van.

“Concentration Micheal, you don’t need to focus on your power,” he said to himself. He’d become very serious about his training in the last couple weeks. He walked out to where the bots were holding the packages. “Hey Craze bots,” Micheal called. “I don’t think you paid for that stuff, so I can’t let you take it.”

Micheal pulled into a fighting stance and the bots looked at each other. Then they too pulled into fighting stances and prepared for battle. Micheal laughed as the first robot came toward him. The moves Craze had programed them with were so predictable. The first robot used a fist combination Kim had taught him. He blocked it very easilly and canceled the robot with a kick. Then two came at him at once. His first instict was to teleport behind them while they were rushing at him, but instead he ducked a few punches and eventually confused the two bots so much they punched each other out. The last four tried to rush him together, using a flying kick he knocked one out, and cancled two with a couple well placed punches and spin kicked the last. I did it, he thought. Then he jumped into the van’s driver’s seat and looked around.

“Ok mom, I’ve watched you a thousand times. I should know how to do this,” SN1 said to himself.

Meanwhile, His counterpart had droped from the roof of the department store right behind Mrs. Dufus. She turned around in shock and Kim kicked the weapon from her hand.

“Get her Dufus,” his wife comanded.

Dufus dropped the package so he could attack, but he tripped over the boxes and fell flat on his face. His wife grumbled and then motioned to the three craze bots inside the store. They all attacked the young heroine. While she was fighting them Mrs. Dufus grabbed Dufus by the ear. “Lets get going,” the woman said. She was planing on running out the front door to the van, but it crashed though the doorway and SN1 jumped out.

“Fouled again, plan B,” Mrs. Dufus said they ran out the back. Dufus hit a botton on his lab coat and a small hover cycle came down to greet them. They jumped on it and floated away. Just as SN 2 tied up the bots with a Yo-Yo string. They heard sirens approaching.

“Let’s go,” One said grabbing Two’s hand.

“Power sword, power base,” they said together.

They both appeared inside the Power Base. Lisa, the dwarf sized gardian, was watching the monitor. The police were cleaning up after the battle.

“Lisa did you see,” Micheal began.

“Did I see, See what? The big mess you made. You are too young to drive and why did you drive through the front door?” Lisa asked.

“I was trying to bring the stuff back so the Dufus’ wouldn’t get away with it.”

“You don’t have to fuss at him Lisa. He was trying to do the right thing.”

“You act like such children sometimes,” Lisa stated very angry.

“Duh Lisa, we are children.” Kim said.

“Not when you put on that uniform.”

“Lisa you need us to stop your brother, not the other way around, so don’t get on us.” Kim turned to Micheal. “Let’s go.”

Micheal looked sadly from Kim to Lisa, Finally he turned with Kim and said, “Power Sword home.”

Micheal and Kim stood alone in the dojo, sparing. Micheal was still upset about there unresolved argument with Lisa. They were suppose to fight with Dr. Craze, not each other.


“Yea Kim”

“I’ve been thinking. Lisa doesn’t really get us. She’s–”

“Kim you don’t want to quit or anything do you?” Micheal asked. “We’re the only ones who can stop Dr. Craze.”

“Of course I don’t mean we quit. I just think Zack should be on our team.”

“What?! Just cause you got a crush on–”

“This isn’t about a crush!” Kim shouted. “He’s our SenSei. Face it, we need more then the elementary moves we learn in this kiddie class. If Dr. Craze figures how elmentary your moves are–”

“Hey, I might be new to this, but as good as you are your no master.”

“Little Mikey’s finally getting a mouth?”

Micheal laughed. “Maybe if it’s Okay with Lisa, we’ll tell Zack we’re the Super Ninjas.”

“Forget Lisa, we’re the Super Ninja’s, we do the work. Including our SenSei is our decision.”

Micheal thought about it. Kim was right of course, they were the Super Ninjas and they did do the work. And they did need the more intense training. Lisa was to angry to listen to good sense anyway.

Meanwhile, in the forest of the tropical island that housed both the Super Ninja Power Base and Craze base, a small green alien baby crawled out of her shuttle and into the grass. It blended with tall blades as three forms approached. Bazoka, Triple Gun and Dr. Craze.

“Here’s the craft,” said Craze. “But the baby alien is gone. No doubt my annoying sister will be sending those bratty kiddie heros after it. We have to find it first. Let’s go back to Craze base an assemble an army.”

At the power base Lisa paced back and forth. Should she try to find the baby alien herself or call those annoying kids. Micheal was okay, but Kim thought she knew everything. She knew they were kids, but they were kids with a lot of responsibility. They didn’t have space to be careless. She’d do it herself, for get those kids. Grabing some istriments from various shelves in the base, she left power base.

“Power Sword, lock up,” Lisa said.

At Zack’s Dojo a basic self defense class was just ending. It would be awhile before the next group came in. He was just sitting down in his office when Kim and Micheal came in. Micheal watched that stupid smile creep on Kim’s face when she saw him. Underneath all her toughness was a regular girl. It was one thing she disliked about herself. Micheal knew it, but he kept it a secret.

“Hey, Zack,” Micheal said from the doorway. Zack glanced up from his books.

“Hey guys, your friend Fatty came in a signed up himself and his brother.”

“But his brother’s only three,” Micheal said shocked.

“That’s okay, he’ll still enjoy the class. So what are you two here for?”

“We got to tell you is something,” Kim began.

“And ask you something,” Micheal finished.

“Well, go ahead,” Zack said.

“Well, you see, there’s a reason we started hanging out together.”

“Of course there is, you like each other. Has someone been hasseling you about–”

“No Zack, it’s nothing like that. You see, we’re the Super Ninjas.”

Zack bust out laughing. “Your trying to tell me you two beat Zues, Bazoka, Triple Gun, and the spider woman.”

“Yes,” Kim grunted, Angry at Zack for the first time.

Zack countinued to laugh.

“Well, tecnically we didn’t beat Spydia, she didn’t need defeting. She was a pretty good person, a spider person, but a really nice one.”

Zack was still laughing and Micheal was starting to get angry too.

“I guess we’re going to have to show him,” Kim shrugged.

“Zack, watch this,” Micheal said. Zack tried to stiffel his laughter as he looked at the boy.

“Watch very closely,” Micheal said. “I’m here.” He snapped his fingers and disappeared. “Now I’m out here.” He shouted from the gym area.

Zack’s laughter stopped immediatly.

“Now me,” Kim said. “This is a move I like to call the whirl wind run.” Kim took off at super speed around Zack’s desk. The wind pressure around the desk began to make paper fly in the circular direction of the runner. As the speed gradually increased, larger items were caught in the runners world wind. Pretty soon, Zack was holding on for dear life.

“Okay, I belive you,” Zack shouted. Kim stoped running and all the items fell to the floor. Kim went to the door. “Mike, come on back.”

Micheal zapped into the room. Zack still in shock, was gripping the desk. “I hope you’ll forgive me for laughing, but even after seeing all this it’s kind of unbelivable.”

“I guess that’s understandable,” Micheal began. “We didn’t belive it at first.”

“You want to see unbelivable, you need to check out the powerbase,” Kim stated.

“Power sword,” Kim called. The glowing sword appeared above her head. “Take Zack and us to the Power Base.”

The group was transported out of the Dojo to the grounds outside the power base.

“Why aren’t we inside?”

“Lisa couldn’t have left,” Micheal said. “She never leaves.”

“Power Sword,” Kim called again. The power sword appeared and Kim retrieved it. Then she used it to open the base’s doors. Zack’s face was still frozen in shock as he entered the emerald castel that held millions of high tech equipment, computers, wepons, and small trasport vehicles.

“This place is amazing. You kids run this?”

“No, Lisa does,” Micheal said.

“We could if we had to,” Kim added. “We don’t need Lisa. This stuff was made for us.”

“Come on, your not still mad at Lisa.”

“Who is this Lisa?”

“The gardian of this place, and us.”

“She’s not the gardian of me,” Kim grumbled. “But I guess we should find out where she went.” Kim walked over to the super viewer. “She’s always using this thing,” Kim said trying to operate the big screen. All she got was static. “This stupid thing won’t work.”

“Let me try something,” Micheal said. “Power sword, core power of the power base. Show us Lisa.”

The fuzzy screen suddenly cleared and showed the equipment covered Lisa, ridding a hover cycle around the island.

“She looks like she’s going into battle,” Micheal said. “We gotta help her.”

“I suppose so. Wouldn’t want her hurt.”

“Super Ninjas power up,” The super ninjas said. They transformed into thier golden ninja uniforms.

“I’ll go with you,” Zack said as he pulled on his hood and wrapped the lower part of his face in a mask.

“Power sword, take us all to Lisa.”

The three were transported out of the base and into the tropical forest, a few feet behind Lisa.

“Wow, this place is beautiful,” Zack said looking around the island.

“And deadly,” Kim added. “I had to save Micheal from a flying monster monkey before.”

Zack giggled, “I’m sorry. It just sound s so funny.”

Kim grew angry again. Why was this so funny to him. She couldn’t stand feeling so iadequate around him.

“Lisa,” Micheal called. The small woman turned sharply around. Here hover cycle speeded toward the SN team.

“So are you ready to appologize,” Lisa asked Kim.

“No way,” Kim said. “You were out of line.”

“And who’s this?” Lisa asked.

“Later,” Micheal interupted. “What are you doing out here?”

“There’s a baby, an alien baby. I recived this message, but my brother is out here. I think because of our close proimity to Craze base, he got the message, too.”

“So is this baby alien bad or good.”

“It’s a baby, but it’s powerful. Craze has about five groups seaching for it.”

“Then I think you need us, so stop groaning,” Kim stated. Zack shook his head, but Kim didn’t see him.

“I suposse your right.” Lisa said reluctantly.

A green glob suddenly fell on Lisa’s glasses. Followed by a baby’s giggle. They looked up and saw the green alien baby holding onto a tree.

“Well that was easy enough,” Kim said as she speeded toward the tree and climbed it. Just before she reached the baby it floated out the tree. She reached for it and it flew away. Then it turned to her and laughed., Kim banged the branch and sailed to the ground with Kim behind it. Micheal ran and caught her.

“Now, I’ve saved you.”

“Oh shut up.” Kim jumped away from him.

“Prepare to save yourselves, my husband wants that baby,” Hypnotica said as she walked into the clearing with Mrs. Dufus, Bazoka, Triple Gun, and Craze bots.

“It’s that Hypnotica chick.”

“Wow, she’s pretty good looking for a lizard,” Zack said enchanted.

“Dead lizard,” Kim grumbled. “Let’s fight.”

“Please little one,” Hypnotica said, swaying into the clearing with her shaply body gyrating left and right. “I don’t fight. When you look like this, it easy to get other’s to fight for you.

“Why did I get teamed with her,” Mrs. Dufus grumbled.

Hypnotica snapped her fingers. The bots and the baddy twins began attacking the group. The two Super Ninjas and Zack took on the fighters while Hypnotica approched the floating baby, still giggling at the events.

“Okay little brat, lets get you home,” Hypnotica pointed a stunner toward the baby and zapped at it. The baby didn’t attemp to fly away and was an easy hit.

“I can’t belive your picking on a baby,” Lisa said as she floated toward Hypnotica. She pulled out a stunner and pointed it toward Hypnotica.

“In laws can be so annoying,” Hypnotica flipped her hand out, knocking little Lisa off her hover board. Zack noticed and flipped from the midst of the battle to where Hypnotica stood.

“You may be beatiful, but your not very nice,” Zack said. “Dad told me never to hit girls, but he didn’t say anything about Lizards.”

“You’d never hit me,” Hynotica said. “Who’d ruin this beautiful face?”

Zack swung out a fist and then dropped to the ground and in one spin, knocked Hypnotica on her back. The baby flew out of her arms. Zack caught it and gave it to Lisa. Then he put Lisa back on her hover cycle.

“Get back to the Power base as fast as possible,” Zack instructed.

“Thank you, whoever you are,” Lisa said before she took off at top speed.

“My beautiful face,” Hypnotica cried. “Forget it, this Alien baby isn’t worth this.”

Mrs. Dufus laughed. Wait until Dr. Craze found out about his wife’s second failure. He had to get angry this time.

“Let’s go,” she shouted to the warriors. Most of the bots had been distroyed, but Bazoka and Triple gun joined the fleeing women.

At Power Base, Lisa revived the sleeping infant in a bubbled enclosure. The doors opened and the Super Ninjas and Zack enter the Power base. The baby started to move as the group approached. Lisa left the baby cooing in a space like crib and left the bubble to talk to the ninja’s. They powered down and Zack removed his hood and face mask. Awhile later Lisa came out of the bubble.

“It’s relaxed now,” Lisa said. “And you are–Zack.”

“You know me?”

“Of course. Your the kids SenSei. Micheal teases Kim all the time about–”

“Lisa,” Kim interceded in warning.

“Well, it doesn’t matter. What matters is why your here.”

“The kids seem to think they need me.”

“Well we don’t, the best way to keep everyone safe if for no one to know.”

“Can we talk privatly?”

“Sure,” Lisa conceded and lead them to a private chamber.

“You know Kim,” Micheal began. “You don’t have to be so hard on Lisa.”

“I’m hard on her. She’s the one that think she knows everything.”

“Kim, Lisa she may be smaller than you, but she’s an adult. And more importantly what you said was wrong. We are tecnically the Super Ninjas, but the team is all of us. If Lisa accepts Zack you gonna treat him like you do Lisa?”



“Cause I respect him. He learned to understand me instead of just barking out orders. E#ven when he told me I was wrong, he did it in a respectful way.”

“Well not everybody is a Zack.”

“Or a Micheal,” Kim smiled and pulled her friend to her to hug him.

Inside the private chamber, that turned out to be a lounge like area, Zack sat with Lisa.

“On the way back, Kim told me about your argument.”

“That kid was out of line. And I mean completly.”

“But she’s Kim. As you know, Kim is Korean and her father runs a very strict household. He’s less than happy about her sudden bond with this black kid, despite the fact Micheal is the sweatest kid in the world. The thing is, Kim has all this pint up energy and first chance she gets, she lets it out. So if you come on to strong, she’s gonna repel you with equal strength. You have to learn how to delgate power with Kim and she’ll eventually respect you.”

“Maybe I do need you,” Lisa said. “I guess I’m not very good with kids. Figuring out there personalities and all.”

“You’ll learn. I think you have quite a few more years with those two.”

“Welcome to the team Zack,” Lisa said shaking his hand. Her watch beeped. “Oh, it’s time.”

The two adults exited the chamber and joined Kim and Micheal who were playing a video game on one of the many computers. Lisa turned toward Zack and Kimturned toward Micheal. Each shook their heads in approval. The two females began to speak together.

“You go first Lisa.”

“Well, I now understand that we’re a team and things will go smoother if I work with you rather than against you.”

“Well, I was kinda out of line. Your the gaurdian. We wouldn’t have been given one if we didn’t need it.”

“Well, now that that’s done, you two will get to see what a baby of yours would look like.”

“Us,” the Super Ninjas asked together.

“Yes, the baby needs a human form for protection.”

“I’m not ready to be no mother,” Kim said.

“I don’t expect you to take care of the kid, but the powers you contain are important to the trnsformation.” Lisa said as she hit some buttons. Two pods opened inside the bubbled area. The three went inside. Lisa placed the baby in a smaller pod and the two Super Ninjas steped into them. Lisa typed some programming into the computer, then hit a green button. The Super Ninjas eyes closed as if asleep. After further typing Lisa hit the red button, and quickly put on a protective helmet. The machine buzzed for a few minutes as electicity passed between the Super Ninjas and the babies’ pod. The Super Ninjas awoke as soon as the electricity stopped flowing and steped out the pods. The baby pod opened and Lisa lifted the child covered in a black cloak out of it. The cloak dragged the floor. The baby seeemed bigger than before. Lisa sat the baby down and removed the cloak.

“Congradulations, it’s a girl,” Lisa said.

The SN team looked at the wide eyed girl with the same funny giggle she’d always had. But now she had a little girl’s face. A caramel skin tone and short curly hair. She was about two years old, by her size. Micheal thought, “Her eyes are like Kim.” Kim thought, “Her smile is like Mike’s.”

“What are we gonna call her?” Zack asked.

“Michelle,” Kim blurted.

“Michelle Kimberly,” Micheal added.

“And now, her new dad,” she turned to Zack. “Do you accept this name and the responsibility of rasing Super Ninja 3.”

“Me?” Zack asked. Lisa nodded. “Wow, sure yea, but why not you?”

“I have enough to worry about, I can’t spend twenty-four hours a day rasing her.”

Mechelle stared floating toward the celling. Zack gabbed her feet and pulled her down. She telaported away from him and onto the floor. He tried to grab her, but she ran away at super speed. Kim, who was the only one who could catch her, grabbed her and held her hand so she’d stay still. She giggled at them again.

“Of course I do have to teach her to control her powers. This amulet may make them dormat in the mean time,” She placed the amulant around Michelle’s neck.

Meanwhile at Craze base, Hypnotica stood at the mirror looking at her bruised dirt covered face. Mrs. Dufus stood in the doorway laughing. Dr. Craze enter with the march of a sargent.

“I hear my dear Hypnotica was injured,” Craze said.

“Some adult Ninja in white was with those brats and he had the nerve to put his hands on me,” Hypnotica cried.

“This is your falt Julie Dufus. You didn’t raise a hand to help my dear Hypnotica.”

“But Dr. Craze, she–”

“It’s your falt we lost that baby. You know how powerful we could have been with that Alien Kid. Knowing Lisa, she sent the kid home.”

At Zack’s Dojo, Kim and Micheal’s Karate class was just begining. Thier friends Billy and Fatty (and his brother, lil Fats) were in atendance with many other students. They all sat around the rug, but Fatty couldn’t keep his baby brother still, so he let him run. Zack entered the room and all his students said.

“Good afternoon SenSei.”

“Good afternoon,” Zack replied. “Now I want you all to meet my newly adopted Daughter Michelle Kimberly.”

The little girl walked into the Dojo. Lil Fats stopped short and stared at the pretty little girl. He smiled and ran up to her. “Hi”

“Hi,” the girl replied.

“I guess lil Fats has a sparing partner,” someone said and everybody laughed.

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