Star Wars

I got into Star Wars late in life, considering my age. I didn’t really ‘know’ the series until the release of The Phantom Menace. You see when that film was released, I saw the original trilogy (well the original Star Wars) on TV. After getting into the series and seeing the Prequel, the Ewok Movies, and getting a bit into the graphic novels and books (I sort of got bored with the inconsistencies of the universe afterawhile) I started writing fan fiction.

I was pretty much an Anakin/Padme love story fan up until the time Lucas’ horrible script ruined that romance. I still like the original trilogy and the series as a whole, but my fiction quickly branched away from that core romance interest as time passed.

My Little Hero

A story that weaves between the moments unseen in Episode I after Anakin returned from the space the story

Shmi Tales

Shmi tries to hide her mysterious pregnancy from her the story

The Last Piece of Him

A stream of consciousness piece that reflects upon the moment Vader realizes he has a son and the emotional confusion born of that moment. the story

Dairy of a Future Queen

 Padme's childhood and her rise into politics. the story

The Tragic Love of Bail Organa

Bail deals with the tragic end to Padme's the story

Broken Ties

During his early involvement in the rebellion, Bail Organa brings Padmè  to Alderaan under a false name and his wife fears Leia will figure out who her true mother is and that it will eventually lead to the truth about her the story

Mission to Naboo

Anakin gets a chance to revisit the planet of the girl he can't forget. the story

The 12th Circle

Luke and Leia hear a call through the force to a distant world and enter a quest through the mysterious Realm to save their mother's spirit. the story

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