Camille and Jordan

Camille and Jordan were two characters I played around with for awhile. The intention was that I would write two very seperate and different coming out stories and that eventually these two characters would come together. Only I never got that far. Still, I like the stories I completed enough to want to share them with an audience. And, who knows, if I get some good feedback I might continue to develop them.

Camille & Jordan: Through the Window

A young girl named Camille comes back to visit her long-lost sister only to discover the world she once knew very the story

Camille & Jordan: The Softball Girl

A pre-teenage tomboy named Jordan decides to she needs more female friends and joins the school's softball team to get to know more girls. Only one girl becomes more special to her than the rest. the story

Camille & Jordan: Coming Together

Camille makes a mistake that changes her life the story

Camille & Jordan: Falling Apart

Jordan fells like she’s walking on clouds, but dreams don’t last forever and hers is about to come crashing the story

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