Ahh, Smallville, there was a short time I loved you. I fell in love with Smallville at the beginning and followed it right up until Clark’s first year of College. At that point, it just started to fade for me. I liked Smallville being pre-Superman. By the time they introduced Lois Lane and got way into life at the Daily Planet I felt like the series lost it’s core purpose.

In the time that I loved Smallville I was way out on the fringe of popular pairings. I usually wrote about either the Lana/Chloe or Lana/Pete pairing. Even if I paired them with someone else, it was rare I wrote outside of these relationships. Smallville was a fun time to write fan fiction though. Most Smallville circles liked to see other pairings explored as the central love story of it’s early days (Lana/Clark) was mostly hated by it’s central fanbase.

Chloe's Secret Desire

Chloe finds herself excited by a particular Smallville sweatheart. the story

Cosmic Kid Series

John and Martha bring a new little guy home. But Where did he come from? the story

Suddenly it didn't matter

Post "Obscura", Chloe drops by to see Lana one night and sees that she's not the the story

Never going to Happen

Lana and Pete have a talk about the story

And then she kissed me

Lana and Chloe (now H.S. juniors) go on a College tour together. Lana deals with long repressed feelings for the story

When the Tables Turn

Lana gets a taste of her own medicine and realizes she owes Chloe an the story

Intimate Friends

Lana is sleeping over at Chloe's house and they have a talk about friendship. the story

The One I Really Want

Pete takes a shot at the girl he really the story

All for Her

Lana and Pete realize they are in love with the same girl. the story

It should have been Different

Lana reflects on emotions she didn't expect to have for the story

I can't believe

A sequel to "It should have been different" from Chloe's the story

Little Girl Lost

Chloe Sullivan finds Lana Lang in the arms of Lex Luthor in Gotham City, but life isn't as nice as it the story


It was a simple request, Pete asked Lana to help him pick out a gift for Chloe, but something else the story

A Gotham Affair the story


Future Fic. Lana and Pete become closer friends than they have been in the past and discover there could be much more between them. the story

You won't own me

Missing scene from "Accelarate" the story

Left behind in Smallville

Chloe's hurting, Lana's hurting, but not for the reasons Pete thinks. Pete lends an arm for comfort and gets into an unexpected the story

Summer Friends Series

Post-Exodus story.Clark's gone, so who will Lana lean on to ease the pain? the story

Bad Girls

Lana and Chloe get exposed to a gas that brings the bad girl out of both of the story

The Affair

Lana's found the ideal life, a good husband in Pete Ross (now the Mayor of Smallville) and a beautiful son. But could her happy life be rocked by a single night's indiscretion with Lex the story

Small Tales 1: The Kissing Party

Twelve year old Pete and Lana go to a party and experience an important first. But will Pete tell Clark what happened? the story

Small Tales 2: The Haunted Farm House

Seven year old Pete, Clark, Lana and thier friends investigate the legend of a haunted the story

Waiting Around

Missing scene from Season 3's 'Perry'. Pete and Lana hang out at the Talon. the story


Lana and Chloe in the hospital after the accident in 'Shattered' that left her immobile. the story

Blind Date

In his freshman year of college, Pete goes on a Blind Date set up by his friend and ends up on a date with his best friends the story

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