Bad Girls

[August 2003]

Fandom: Smallville
Title: Bad Girls
PenName:  EV
Paring(s): Lana/Chloe
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Lana and Chloe get exposed to a gas that brings the bad girl out of both of them.
Notes: Set sometime during Season 2. This is the response to my Summer challenge at SvL  . Basically Bad Lana and Bad Chloe have to meet, there has to be a reason they revert to their bad girl selves, and they must trick or fool a primary guy (Clark, Pete, or Lex) in some way. I know, not a sophisticated challenge, but here is my attempt at it.
Warning(s): If lesbian activity disturbs you so will this story..
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters featured in the WB teen drama series Smallville. No copyright infringement intended.

It was cold in the cellar that had once served as Dr. Hamilton’s chamber of secret research. And it would have been quiet too, if two young ladies weren’t snooping around in the middle of the night.

“We shouldn’t be here,” Lana said nervously sweeping the flashlight over the broken and cracked bottles on the departed Dr. Hamilton’s desk. She was making sure no mutated meteor thing was crawling out of them. Chloe had allowed her to come along on this little mini adventure. She had wanted to come along, but too late she found out Chloe was planning on going through the deceased Dr. Hamilton’s files. She should have asked more questions about what Chloe was doing before tagging along, but she didn’t. And now she regretted it.

Well not fully regretted it, any time with Chloe was interesting. She has chosen to befriend Chloe because of her daring nature. She just didn’t enjoy going through a dead man’s things. Chloe was currently kneeling over a box of files.

“Lana, no one knows more about the meteors and their affects then Dr. Hamilton. You know what that information’s worth? There may be proof here for things that I couldn’t prove before.”

“The last time we investigated Dr. Hamilton his Nicodemus plant turned me into… well… you know.”

“Less of a prude,” Chloe mumbled.

“What?” Lana asked.

“Nothing,” Chloe said pulling out a file marked Kent. “Dr. Hamilton has a whole file on the Kents.”

“Really,” Lana said coming over to where Chloe was stooping.

“Someone’s suddenly caught the super snooper gene, all it takes is a little Clark right?”

“Chloe, you’re no fool, you know there’s something different about him. Don’t you want to know what it is?”

“Considering he bites my head off if I even glance at his past, no.”

“It’s not that bad.”

“I’m not you. You can make no mistakes with him, all I do is make mistakes.”

Lana could think of no argument. The two of them sighed.

“Hey, there’s a file on you,” Chloe said reaching for it.

It was jammed in the back of some other files. She had to pull it hard to get it lose. The box jarred the table next to it as she pulled and she didn’t notice a test tube that fell from it. It hit the floor and some type of green gas escaped. The girls covered their mouths and tried to escape the quickly spreading gas, but the gas clouded their vision and they couldn’t see where the stairs out were. They were gagging on the gas and eventually they both passed out.

The darkness was broken 30 minutes later. They both awoke and the gas was gone, all that was left of it was the empty broken tube it escaped from. They were both a little dazed as they looked at each other.

“What are we doing here?” Chloe asked.

“I don’t know,” Lana replied.

They both got up and brushed the dirt from there clothes and left Dr. Hamilton’s cellar.

Chloe and Lana entered the house quietly. They shouldn’t have been out this late, so Chloe looked for a sign that her father was home and she saw him asleep on the couch, he probably hadn’t even noticed the girls were out. They snuck upstairs.

“God, I need a shower,” Chloe said.

“Me too,” Lana replied beginning to unbutton her top in the hallway.

“Undressing in the hallway, how unlike you. You won’t even step out of the shower without hiding under a towel.”

“It’s not like I’ve seen you strutting around half naked when we’ve shared bathroom space.”

“Well I wouldn’t want to defile the princess’ eyes with my inferior presence,” Chloe replied with a teasing smile.

The haziness they felt when they first left Hamilton’s place was fading into a different type of feeling. This sort of… playfulness.

“Chloe you know you don’t have anything to be ashamed of,” Lana said with a smile as she slipped into her room, continuing to undress. The door swung shut behind her and Chloe fought the desire to follow her inside.

Chloe smiled to herself and slipped into her own room. She got out of her clothes and slipped into the bathroom. Ten minutes later she was slipping into the shower and washing the grime off of her body. As she faded into the comfort of the running water, she felt two hands slip over her eyes and she nearly jumped out of her skin, though a moment after she touched her Chloe knew it was Lana in her company.

“Guess who?” a voice whispered next to her ear.

“What are you doing in here?” Chloe asked. She wasn’t put off by her shower company.

“Proving I’m not a prude,” Lana replied removing her hands.

“You heard me?” Chloe questioned without turning around. She continued to wash and wondered if Lana was watching.

“Yeah,” Lana said. “And I guess you have a point, we’re both females. No reason we can’t share a little shower water. Why waste, right?”

“Right,” Chloe replied daring to turn and look at Lana.

They were standing so close, their bodies were almost touching, almost, but not quite. Chloe didn’t hid the fact her eyes were watching Lana soap down. And tracing little droplets of water along the curves of her body. She was getting stares in return, so she didn’t see a reason to hide her own staring.

“Wash your back?” Lana asked.

“Sure,” Chloe said turning around.

Lana ran the the washcloth over her back, along her spine, down to her buttocks, taking unnecessary time to do it all. Then Chloe returned the favor, soaping down the other girl’s back and washing it gently, but she took it a step future, teasing her just a little by sneaking around to the front of her and massaging each breast just a little. She enjoyed the little shiver her touch got. But she didn’t take it any further, she just enjoyed that little bit of power that put her back in charge of this game they were playing. They both stepped out, dried off, and went there separate ways. But they only had one thing on their minds as they went to sleep, each other.

Pete and Clark were sitting in their first class the next day, wondering where Chloe and Lana were. They usually saw them outside before school, but they had both been absent from the pre-school gatherings today. Just as the final bell rang, they heard some murmuring behind them and turned to see two very unfamiliar ladies entering the classroom. Both had on extremely short skirts and tight tops hugging their breast. And both of the boys mouths dropped open, because it was Chloe and Lana.

“What the–” Clark began.

“Who cares,” Pete said with a grin before Clark could finish.

“Excuse me young ladies,” the teacher said. “That is not proper attire for class.”

“Well it’s what we’re wearing,” Chloe said in a voice that reminded Clark of Chloe under the influence of the Worm.

“Deal with it,” Lana chimed in, also reminding Clark of her self under the influence of the Nicodemus.

The two of them found their seat.

“Ladies you need to go home and take off those clothes or I’ll send you to the principals office,” the teacher said.

Lana and Chloe glanced at each other.

“Okay, you don’t like these clothes on us,” Chloe began.

“We’ll take them off,” Lana told her.

“Well that would be nice,” the teacher said. “Now why don’t you…”

Before she could finish, Lana and Chloe had begun to lift up their shirts getting hoots from the class. Most of the class had a peak of their lacy bras before the teacher even registered what was going on. Pete smiled goofily waiting for more, while Clark looked as shocked as the teacher – if a little more entertained.

“Girls,” the teacher said grabbing them by their arms before they could go any further. “Go to the Principal.”

The teacher dragged them out of class.

“Clark, did you see that?” Pete asked.

“Of course, something’s wrong with them.”

“Well if something’s wrong, please don’t fix it,” Pete replied.

“Pete, they’re our friends. They may be in real trouble.”

“I know that, but damn Clark, they almost stripped in class! Don’t you find that a little enjoyable? Sometimes I wonder about you.”

 As soon as the teacher disappeared, Lana and Chloe turned the other way and began walking down a random hallway.

“I didn’t want to go to class anyway,” Lana said.

“Neither did I,” Chloe said. “Why did we show up?”

“I don’t know, but the look on Pete’s face was priceless.”

“And did you see Clark, he didn’t know if he wanted to drag us down to the principals office like the teacher or back to his room.”

They both laughed.

“Knowing Clark,” Chloe said. “He would have opted to take you home and send me to the principal’s office.”

“Well, if he would make that choice he’s crazy.” Lana told her.

“You keep saying those things I might have to do something about it.”

“Like what,” Lana said stopping.

“Like this,” Chloe said grabbing her.

Chloe’s lips met Lana’s and they shared a hungry kiss as Chloe backed Lana into a nearby wall. Even though the hallways were empty, there was a certain rush to sharing an intense kiss with each other in the middle of the school. Just knowing a teacher or student could walk by gave them a high.

“Took you long enough,” Lana said as their lips parted.

She pulled Chloe back toward her and their lips met again, this time more fiercely, but savoring the delicious taste of each other.


The bell rang signaling the end of class. Clark and Pete walked down the hall together looking for the girls.

“Think they went home?” Clark asked.

“I hope not,” Pete said with a grin.

Clark shook his head.

“Come on Clark, they both nearly stripped down in front of you. A little excitement would be nice.”

“Pete every time anyone of us acts like that, we’ve been expose to something. Something that usually ends with one of us nearly dying or killing someone else. Need I remind you of the day you nearly murdered Lex.”

“And that was a bad thing?”

Clark shook his head.

“Okay, fine, you have a point. We should find them and talk to them,” Pete told him.

“You check out the Torch office, I’ll look toward the gym. If we don’t find them in the school, we’ll have to go out and look for them.”

Pete started toward the Torch office and stopped.

“Clark do you think maybe, just maybe, they just wanted to have some fun today.”

“No,” Clark replied simply.

Pete shrugged and the two of them split up. Pete strolled down to Torch office and Clark went on walking toward the gym. When Pete arrived at the door of the Torch, it was locked, so he assumbed it was empty, shrugged it off and went to meet Clark in the gym.

The office wasn’t empty, the girls were inside finishing what they had started the day before in the shower, what had continued in the hallway.

They knew they wanted more than a simple kiss when they began making out in the hallway and even thought there was a certain thrill in the possibility of being discovered, they both knew they didn’t want to be interrupted, stopped by anything or anyone. So Chloe had grabbed a hold of Lana and pulled her down to the Torch office. She locked the door and Lana pulled her over to the side of the office where the couch was.

The fell on the couch making out and pulling at each others clothes. Lana seemed to savor every piece of skin that was revealed, littering it with kisses. Chloe couldn’t remember the last time her body had felt so cherished. The fact was, no one else had ever made her feel so wanted before.

Chloe felt like was losing herself, she needed to take control. So she trapped Lana beneath her and dared to return Lana’s touch, kissing gently across her shoulders and moving down to her round beautiful breast. As she took the nipple into her mouth. She received a pleasing sigh from Lana, as if she had been anticipating this moment. And then Chloe captured her lips again in another deep kiss.

Lana then seozed control again. She laid Chloe on the couch and continued the deep kiss, her leg moving between Chloe’s legs making her all warm inside. This sound Lana had never heard before came from deep down in Chloe’s throat.

“Don’t get ahead of me,” Lana whispered in her ear. Chloe could hear the pleased smile in her voice.

Lana slid down her body and began to leave kisses along her leg. She moved from her ankle to her inner thigh, then took a taste of the other leg, repeating her path. Chloe thought she would explode waiting for her to take it home, but all she got were teasing little kisses to her aching love center.

“Please,” she demanded.

“Please what?” Lana asked between kisses to her lower belly.

“Taste me, touch me,” she demanded. “I don’t care, Just fuck me.”

“I don’t want to fuck you, I want to make love to you,” she said softy.

Then Lana was there. Her mouth exciting her pleasure button, her fingers inside, her tongue teasing her in it’s own time. She lost track of things. There was only pleasure, she was bursting with it, crumbling because of this amazing girl. Her body was alive in a way she had never known before. Alive and rising until it felt that final rush of release.


The sunlight of the new day found them curled in each other arms in the Torch office. And again they felt different. Lana and Chloe didn’t even register anything was wrong at first. They knew they were laying together in each other’s arms, but all of a sudden it hit them what had gone on yesterday. They remembered everything. And they looked at each other and jumped apart.

“Oh god, what did we do?” Chloe said.

“I think we–” Lana began. “It kind of hazy after Hamilton’s cellar? But it gets real clear around the time we–you know.”

“Got in the shower?” Chloe questioned. Lana nodded. “That gas it must have made us–”

“I’m so sorry Chloe,” Lana said. “I mean you must feel so violated.”

“It was a two way street Lana. And — I mean — we weren’t ourselves and nobody knows right?”

“Right, we should probably go home.”

“We should probably stay home. We nearly stripped in front of Pete and Clark and the entire class.”

Chloe looked down at herself. Like Lana, her skimpy clothes were all askew.

“Can you believe we wore these outfits?” Chloe asked.

They both laughed.

“Do you regret it?” Lana asked.

“What?” Chloe asked.

“Yesterday, not all of yesterday, but what happened in here, with us?”

“Do you?” Chloe questioned.

“I asked you first,” Lana said.

“What are we, in grade school?” Chloe asked. “And why are you asking?”

Lana got up and walked across the room, twisting her hands nervously.

“Well?” Chloe questioned.

“What I did, what we did, I’ve thought about it before. Never seriously, but sometimes I’ve thought about it, thought… about… us in that way.”

“Really?” Chloe questioned.

Lana smiled feebly.

“Well, I guess, maybe, it’s crossed my mind once or twice.”

“Do you think this means?”

“I don’t know and I’m not in a state of mind to annalyze,” Chloe told her. “But since we’re hiding out at home today due to utter embarrassment, how about we can talk about it while we’re in hiding..”


Chloe and Lana left the Torch office together. But when they got home, they found out they wanted to do a little more than talk.


August 28, 2003

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