The X-Files

The X-Files was my first ‘real’ fandom. I caught a few episodes late on TV one night and became fixated on seeing the whole series. I was, without a doubt, a Mulder and Scully shipper. Since X-files and the internet came into my life around the same time, I lived on forums dedicated to the hope these two would hook up. I also started fan fiction as an X-files fan so this stuff is about as old and inexperienced as my fan fiction writing gets. Yet, it’s memories. I loved this series and these fics are a testament to that love.

Z! A Scully Love Story

Scully reflects back on falling in love when she was fourteen. the story

She is His

Skinner reflects on Mulder and Scully's relationship. the story

One Night

Scully and Mulder wind up having to share a bed in a hotel the story

Who's Child is This?

A story involving Teena Mulder's emotions concerning the birth of her children and their the story

Acting On It

Mulder fantasizes about his kind of kiss with Scully. the story

To the robin of the raven

A poem inspired by the Fowley/Scully tension in the show. the story

Dana's Dreamland

Scully Dreams attempt to speak to her, but will she listen? the story

The Final Peice

Takes place a short time after "Dana's Dreamland". Scully has now adopted Kayla and William Michael. Mulder must prove that his love for Scully is genuine. And that he's truly ready to dedicate himself to her and the the story

Black born of a Burning Flame

Scully's reflections on the burning of the X-files office. (A poem inspired by the end of "The End") the story

The Day Fowley Died

After she gave Mulder to Scully, how did the Fowl one die? the story

Little Fox

Alternate Universe: Four years after his abduction, Mulder still has not returned and Scully is rasing her son Little Fox. Scully has always had a boy unlike other boys, but a recent investigation points to the fact her child may be out of this world. the story

Max Files

Imagine Dark Angel's world exists parallel to the world in the X-files series. And in Dark Angel's world Mulder and Scully's fate is different from that in the series. The story jumps between two parallel, but connected, stories. One happening in the year 2000 (XF time) and another happening in the year 2020 (Dark Angel time). the story

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