Dana’s Dreamland


Fandom: The X-Files
Title: Dana’s Dreamland
PenName: Empress Vader
Paring(s): Mulder/Scully
Rating: PG
Summary: Scully Dreams attempt to speak to her, but will she listen?
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters created by the wonderfully talented Chris Carter.


I looked around the dark wooded area. My partner had disappeared again. Damn that Mulder, and damn me for always being there.

“Mulder” I yelled as strong as I could muster in this thick atmosphere. It was followed by a shuffle behind me and I spun around in the hope that it was my partner and fear that it wasn’t.

“Mulder, is that you,” I said a little softer. “Mulder, are you trying to scare me.”

The unidentified sound moved to the right of me. Mulder and I had never had the best luck in the woods. Though I knew there was some kind of curse that always followed us there, I went anyway. I’d never admit it to him, but I was as intrigued by an X-File as he was. But there were a lot of things I could never seem to put into words and tell him.

Since the only company I seemed to have was that sound, I suppressed my fear and walked toward the it. Though it might have juste been my partner, it could have been the suspect. I slowly crept through the bushes, trying to avoid startling whatever was moving through there. I reached for my weapon and clutched my flashlight even harder.

On the other side of the bushes, I was shocked to find a cabin. A small shadow moved toward it and disappeared inside the door. I knew now it wasn’t my partner, but it wasn’t the suspect either. For a second I debated if approaching the cabin was the best thing and decided it was the only thing to do.

“Mulder, where the hell are you?” I whispered to myself.

I stepped toward the cabin and prepared to fire my weapon at any moment, one never knew what they would discover on a Mulder outing. Leaning against the outside of the door, I pushed it open. Only to find myself blinded by a white light. When I could see again, I was standing in a nursery. The sound of a music box played gently in the background. The figure I had watched enter approached me. I knew her as well as I knew anyone. And as I looked into her angel face my own morphed into shock. My voice also transformed into a cracked cry.

“Emily,” I said so low that I barely heard myself.

This had to be a dream, for it was only in my dreams that I could see the daughter I had learned to love only to lose. She was dressed in a long white gown and that along with the light of the room, radiated upon her face giving it an angelic glow. She held her small hand out to me and I reached for it. It was only then that I realized my own outfit had been transformed into a similar white gown. In a rational moment I might have tried to figure this out. But holding the hand of Emily, I didn’t really wish to question things too much. I followed my child toward the mirror; it reflected two children, faces unseen, cowering in the corner of the room. Emily let go off my hand and pointed to them.

“They need you Mommy,” Emily said looking at me. Then she herself turned and walked into the mirror.

“Emily,” I yelled and walked toward the mirror. But I was bared from entering behind her.

“They need you,” Emily’s voice said again. I turned around, searching like a mad woman for the source of the voice. It repeated the same phrase again, but wherever I turned. It seemed to be coming from the other direction.



The phone beside my bed startled me awake. I was still living in the wake of the dream when I heard it. However, the phone would not let me fully return to my dream world and continue my search.


“I’m up, I’m up,” I said rolling over to grab the phone. “Scully,” my voice said radiating the anger of my broken sleep.

“Hey, the sun has risen and you have not,” Mulder said on the other line. “Alarm clock broken?”

I looked over at my alarm clock; it was still ticking away. I should have been up hours ago, why hadn’t my alarm gone off.

“I don’t know what happened Mulder. I’ll get there as soon as I can.”

“Don’t bother, we have a plane to catch,” my partner interjected.

“Oh really, and how long do I have to prepare for this flight?” I replied unable to muster the sarcasm I wanted to go with the statement.

“I’ll be by there in about a half an hour, just get ready.”

“Are you at least going to tell me about the case?”

“When I get there?” Click. The other end of the phone went dead.

What in the hell had kept me asleep so long? And what had Mulder dug out of the trash this time. And what the hell was wrong with me? I had slept for hours, but I still wasn’t prepared to get up and go anywhere—even with Mulder. I knew I had just had a very weird dream, but the details had escaped me. Emily. Emily had been in the dream, she had said something, but the words escaped my head. It would come; right now I had to get ready before Mulder got here. Didn’t want him to see me in these ugly plaid pajamas—not that I cared. But hell, I had overslept, so my professional image had already had enough damage for one day. It’s a good thing I keep a bag packed for Mulder’s spur of the moment trips.


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