The O.C.

All my O.C. fan fiction is Alex related (I love you Olivia Wilde). I started watching the O.C. at it’s inception, but abandoned it after a season as it was already getting old. Then there was Alex and I came back. It became clear early on Alex would be a fling for the show, but I loved the character and watched her until the very end of her time on the series. Then I stopped watching. So Alex, this O.C. fiction is for you alone (which means, yes, it’s all lesbian relationships). One day I hope I find a woman like you Alex. :-)

Can I see you again?

Missing scene from ‘The Ex-Factor’. A bit of what happened the morning after Alex/Marrissa cuddled up under the blanket on her couch. The story is from Marrissa’s perspective. the story

Untouched the story

Unexpected Encounter

Missing scene from "The Mallpisode". Alex comes by the Cooper-Nichol Mansion looking for Marissa, but shockingly finds a herself in and unexpected situation with her the story

Forbidden Fruit

Julie, unable to get Alex off her mind, drops into her place for a visit. (Sequel to Unexpected Encounter) the story

Moving On

Relationships end and it's always such a sad and depressing time, but that doesn't mean it can't be hot. Picking up where Forbidden Fruit left off (and mixing in material from the show), Julie is still on a mission to get her daughter home, Alex and Marissa are having problems, and (most important) Julie and Alex are still secretly hot for each other and it's getting more complicated every day. (Third in a series following "Unexpected Encounter & Forbidden Fruit) the story

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