Unexpected Encounter

[March 2005]

Fandom: The O.C.
Title: Unexpected Encounter
PenName: Rhonda Weasley
Paring(s): Alex/Julie
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Missing scene from “The Mallpisode”. Alex comes by the Cooper-Nichol Mansion looking for Marissa, but shockingly finds a herself in and unexpected situation with her mother.
Warning(s): FemSlash. This fic contains a sex scene between two women, if this bothers you back away slowly.
Disclaimer: The O.C. tv series was a product of FOX television. No copyright infringement intended.

Alex couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Mrs. Cooper-Nichol, watching porn? Marissa would have been quite amused to walk in on this moment, even though Marissa’s very flustered mother cut it off before Alex got a good look at it.

“It’s cool, a little porn on a Saturday night. My lips are sealed.”

“What are you doing here?” Julie snapped.

“Looking for Marissa,” Alex said as coolly as possible. “She left a message that she was here.”

“Well she’s not,” Julie replied sharply

Marissa lied? But why? Alex wondered. Maybe she was with Summer, but why would she lie about hanging out with Summer? Maybe she just needed to blow off some steam, she knew she’d been feeling some pressure lately.

Alex turned to leave. She was about to step out the doorway when Julie spoke again. “I guess I’m not the only one she lies to, huh?”

Her tone was almost sympathetic, but she knew the last thing that she should expect from Marissa’s mother was sympathy.

“I know my daughter,” Julie said coming closer. “I only let her go with you because I knew it was only a matter of time before she came back. As much as Marissa likes to complain, she had a very nice life thanks to me, which she’ll miss once the novelty wears off, which I’m guessing is about now.” Though, to be honest, Alex was so damn beautiful Julie wondered how she could have bored of her so fast. She loved her kid, but honestly she never knew how to enjoy anything to it’s fullest.

Marissa’s mother was meeting her eyes at this point and Alex couldn’t help but meet her gaze. She never noticed before, but Marissa’s mother had Marissa’s eyes or Marissa had her mother’s eyes, whatever it was she could read them as easily as she could read Marissa’s. And lately Marissa’s eyes hadn’t felt very honest – Julie’s were sincere right now, but the truth hurt – it hurt like hell.

“Marissa… Marissa’s not happy,” Alex grudgingly admitted.

“Marissa and ‘happy’ parted ways about her 16th birthday, but have you met her new friends ‘sullen’ and ‘vindictive’.”

“No, the only ones she’s brought over to the house are ‘scared’ and ‘overwhelmed’,” Alex admitted. Why was she opening up to Marissa‘s mother? The woman was widely regarded as the devil, or at least the wife of the devil.

“Alex,” Julie began. “I’m not saying this to be mean because you actually seem like a nice enough girl… and I like your pants…”

Alex would have laughed if she was in a better mood. What she didn’t know was Julie had stopped herself from saying ‘I’d like to get in your pants’. She knew this wasn’t the time or place to be indulging this particular fantasy, but she couldn’t fight the thought. The girl was sexy, she knew what Marissa was attracted to she just didn’t honestly believe it would last.

Julie was even closer to Alex now and, to Alex’s surprise, she wasn’t repelled by her proximity. But her next words cut like a knife.

“….But you are this week’s yard guy. Marissa’s latest drama/weapon of torture to inflict against me.”

“You don’t know that,” Alex spat back, cursing herself for standing here this long. Why didn’t she go?

“Yeah, honey, I do. Marissa’s only been in love once and he looked a whole lot different in a wife beater.”

Alex looked away from her eyes. Whatever she thought she could read in them, she couldn’t trust those eyes, even if they were like Marissa’s. Mrs. Cooper was just like her parents, she wanted them apart the same way her parents had wanted herself and Jodie apart. She couldn’t listen, it was a lie, Julie didn’t know what it was like between them. But if that was the case, why did her words ring so true?

Alex tried to convince herself to move, but then a sympathetic hand touched her shoulder. And the touch wasn’t just warm and comforting, it was electric. It had to be some sort of weird side-effect of this current turn of events in her relationship with Marissa.

“You look like you could use a drink and so could I, so how about you join me for one?”

Against her better judgment, Alex came in and let Julie Cooper-Nichol poor her a drink. They sat on the couch together. After a couple minutes of silence, she finally spoke.

“You know, I had a ‘girlfriend’ too.”

“Yeah, Marissa told me about your confession”…and to be honest, even though Marissa was grossed out Alex thought it was pretty hot. It was marginally better than her own mother’s reaction. The last thing her mother would have done in the same situation was admit to a past sexual encounter with a woman. Still….”From what she told me, you described it as more of a drunken ‘girls gone wild’ experience, which this isn’t. We took our time getting here and now that we’re here, it’s real. We love each other.”

“No, Marissa doesn’t love you. She likes you.” And Alex noticed this little hint of attraction in her eye. She should have cringed at the thought of her girlfriend’s mother checking her out, but for some reason she instead felt a rush. But how could anyone be put off by the idea of this woman checking them out? “I like you too. What’s not to like?” Julie said far more seductively than she intended.

“Oh god, I’m out of here,” Alex said with a play at sounding disgusted, which she certainly wasn’t. She got up off the couch and started for the door.

“Alex!” Julie said. Why was she calling her back? She didn’t know, she guessed she preferred talking to Alex to thinking about what to do about the jerk and that damn tape.

Alex stopped. “I’m not Luke, Mrs. Cooper or Cooper-Nichol or whatever you like to be called.”

“Oh god, she told you about Luke?” Julie replied sounding grossed out at the memory of it all.

Alex smiled, it was a half victory making Julie cringe. “I wonder what’s more embarrassing, your daughter dating a woman or you sleeping with your daughter’s ex-boyfriend and then marrying her friend’s grandfather.”

“My marriage isn’t any of your business.”

“And my relationship with Marissa isn’t any of yours,” Alex replied. 

“Wrong,” Julie said getting off the couch. She walked straight up to Alex, she was so close her heart began pounding madly in her chest. “Everything concerning my daughter and everyone who’s with her, is my business. I‘m her mother. No matter how much she hates me, no matter where she goes, no matter what she does, I‘m her mother. It will always be my concern.”

She’d said this with her intense gaze locked so firmly on Alex she was unable to move. It was like Mrs. Cooper-Nichol had her in a trance. And the truth was, after hearing this, Alex was almost jealous. Marissa’s mother actually did love her, love her enough to let her go and not let her go at the same time. Why did her eyes have to be so intense? Why wasn’t she running from this as fast as possible?

And then they kissed and neither of them could remember who had made the first move. Only that one second they were looking at each other and the next second they were kissing and at the moment, it was all they wanted to do. Perhaps Alex could have walked away if Julie had just pulled away from her. Perhaps Alex could have regained control of the situation if Julie wasn’t so deliciously skilled with those lips.

When the kiss ended, they were afraid to speak. Julie’s arms were resting around Alex’s waist and Alex’s arms were around Julie’s neck. Alex dropped her arms, hoping Julie would do the same. Julie wasn’t willing to let go, she was feeling a surge of lust she hadn’t felt for awhile. Caleb did his duty, but it was hardly a satisfying sexual relationship. In fact, she thought of it as work. She was longing for something more passionate and kissing Alex had unleashed the passion she’d had to bottle up in order to be satisfied with Caleb.

So Julie pulled her close and kissed her again. When Alex didn’t pull away, she tugged the wife beater out of Alex’s pants and again common sense told Alex to run. It was the last warning common sense gave her, because the passion Julie had unleashed took over.

Julie pulled Alex‘s top up and leaned down to place kisses on her belly. Alex finished pulling off her own shirt as Julie began to undo her jeans. Alex pulled Julie up to her and kissed her deeply as she removed her suit jacket and blouse. They stumbled clumsily over to the couch as they finished undressing each other. However, the couch proved to be uncomfortable and they ended up on the floor. The only thing between them at this point was Alex’s panties and Julie’s thong.

Julie was obviously knew what she wanted and wasn‘t afraid to show it. She moved the thin strip of material away from her vaginal lips. She took Alex’s hand, licked two of her fingers, then led them to those hungry vaginal lips, where they were greeted by her wetness. Then she took those fingers to her lips and tasted those fingers. Then she had Alex taste those fingers. 

Alex’s eyes traveled the length of the other woman’s body. Alex couldn’t believe a body like hers, a woman as sexy as this, was being wasted on Seth’s grandfather. The thought made her cringe, so she dismissed it and kissed Julie, sharing her own taste with her. She caressed her breast, rolling Julie very stiff nipple between her finger, receiving a soft pleasing moan. Her lips then traveled down the older woman’s body, enjoying every inch of the journey. Alex’s hand returned to caressing Julie’s very aroused vagina as her lips made the journey over her body.

“Mmmmmmmm,” Julie said when Alex’s mouth finally met her hungry vaginal lips. It felt so good to have this lovely skilled blond tasting her that way. It had been too damn long since it had been even close to this good. Alex’s fingers slipped inside her, as her young supple mouth sucked hungrily at her clit.  Julie was bucking madly now, putty in Alex’s hands, her satisfaction completely under the other woman’s control. And Alex knew how to work her, how to hit a spot she forgot existed and drive her to the edge of pleasurable madness. And she rode this wave of pleasure until her whole body tensed and she felt herself cum harder than she ever had. She was breathing very hard as she came down off her sexual high.

Julie pulled the beautiful blond to her lips and gave her a deep kiss. It had been so long since she felt anything close to that kind of pleasure and she was eager to return the favor. She quickly had Alex on her back, she took each breast of her young lover into her mouth in succession, licking around the nipple gently before sucking and then blowing gently across it causing an exciting surge through Alex’s body. She kissed her stomach and pulled off her panties. Then kissed up her thighs stopping just short of her vaginal lips. Then she licked her clit and sucked on it, receiving a nice shiver of pleasure from her young lover.

“Look at me,” Julie said, meeting her gaze. “You are so damn beautiful.” She wanted to add ‘how could Marissa not love you’, but instead she kissed her. Their tongues dancing a seductive dance as Julie’s fingers played with Alex’s clit and slipped inside her vaginal lips. Julie pulled away from the kiss and fixed her intense gaze on Alex, a gaze that seemed to swallow her up whole. Seeing that sexy intense gaze enjoying her body so much only made her even more hot and wet as Julie’s fingers move inside her, getting more intense with each stroke, strokes her hips met willing. Damn, had she ever been this turned on?

Julie refused to break her gaze as Alex rode harder and harder against the fingers inside her. Alex closed her eyes again, but Julie again demanded she open them and look at her and keep looking at her. “I want you to look at me when you cum. I want to see you feel it,” Julie told her. And boy was she feeling it, Julie knew exactly what she was doing and how to do it. She heard herself begging Julie to fuck her, but the voice sounded foreign to her. She was lost to the powers of this exciting sexual vixen. And she experienced one of the best orgasms she ever had as Julie’s mouth released it final power on her very stimulated vagina.

Then she kissed her again, sharing the taste of their forbidden union.

They laid there for a long time after, silent, their naked bodes nestled far to comfortably next to each other.

“That was…” Alex began, but she did need to finish.

“Yeah, it was.”

Julie suddenly heard a car

“Fuck, you have to go.”


“Caleb, he’s outside.”

Alex grabbed her clothes and put them on as quickly as possible. Suddenly common sense was saying a lot of very annoying things in her head. Julie was also getting dressed, but so quickly that the usually well dressed woman had her clothes slightly askew. As she straightened them out, Alex noticed the cover of the ‘Porn Identity’. Marissa’s mother had done a porno? The woman was full of surprises.

Julie, who had also forgotten about the tape up to that point, noticed Alex looking at it, grabbed the tape, and quickly hid it in a drawer. Alex didn’t say anything about it and left without a word to Julie. She cut it very close, because she met Caleb as she went out the door.

“What are you doing here?” Mr. Nichol said looking at the disheveled Alex.

“I thought Marissa was here,” Alex replied and quickly disappeared.

She thought she heard Caleb mumble something, but she had not time to think about it, she just wanted to get home. There were so many conflicting feelings running around in her head right now. She’d fucked Marissa’s mother? Why? And more importantly, why did Julie have to be so good at it? Why did she have to want it so bad? And why couldn’t the girl she actually loved be the one to make her feel like that? She knew very well she didn’t love Julie Cooper any more than Julie Cooper loved her, but it had been so satisfying to give in to the lust.

The next morning, Alex sat eating a bowl of cereal alone when Marissa came in.

“Hi,” Marissa said awkwardly.

“Hey, have a good time at Summer’s?” Alex asked wondering if that’s where she really was.

“Yeah, you know it was cool. Her and Seth are back together, you know?”

“Yeah, you mentioned it,” Alex said.

Marissa then went to pour herself a bowl of cereal. The phone rang and Alex picked it up.

“Hello,” Alex said.

“I’m so glad you answered and not Marissa,” said the voice of Julie Cooper-Nichol on the other end of the phone. “Don’t say anything, just listen. First of all, the tape, it was a mistake I made a long time ago. I don’t want Marissa to know. Please don’t tell her. Second, about yesterday, well… thank you.”

Then Julie hung up, but Alex still held the phone to her ear for awhile. Had she said ‘thank you’?

“Who is it?” Marissa asked.

“Nobody,” Alex said hanging up.


March 12, 2005

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