[febuary 2005]

Fandom: The O.C.
Title: Untouched
PenName: Rhonda Weasley
Paring(s): Marrissa/Alex
Rating: R
Summary: Missing scene related to episode ‘The Second Chance’, takes place during one of Marrissa’s sleepovers. All events are previous to hand-holding in the Bait Shop. And the story is from Alex’s perspective.
Warning(s): If sexual intimacy between women bothers you, RUN AWAY now.
Disclaimer: The O.C. tv series was a product of FOX television. No copyright infringement intended.

Here she is, laying beside me – untouched by me. So soft, so beautiful, so innocent in her sleep and I’m forbidden to touch her.

Why did I let her start sleeping in my bed? It’s killing me because all I want to do is take her in my arms. But she’s so important to me, I don’t want to hurt the friendship. It just feels too right being with her, laying beside her. It hasn’t been like this for awhile, I haven’t felt this rushing desire since Jodie, and that was forever and a day ago. And I never felt it at all with Seth. Seth was always something to do, cute in his own way but there was no pressing desire to be with him. He was like my little buddy that I kissed sometimes and hung with. This is different, even when I’m just having fun there’s this incredibly deep pull toward her that makes me want something I can never have. I’m turning to mush inside for this girl, it’s killing me that I know we can never have it all.

I try to lay down, try to fall back to sleep, try not to concentrate on her smell, her soft skin, her everything. And despite this somehow I fall asleep. I only know I’ve fallen asleep because I awake with a start and begin looking around for the warm body that’s gone. I hear water running in the bath and know it’s her. I feel the urge to go inside. Would she throw me out if I did? I’m going nuts with the need to be near her, I have to do something. But if I do it, this will probably be over. She’s not ready, I’ve felt it even as my own desire has fought it’s way to the surface.

“Alex,”she calls. “Do I hear you up, I need some shampoo and I don’t want to get out?”

I’m afraid to go near her, but the invitation to come in is too tempting. I grab a bottle of shampoo from underneath my bedside table and enter the bathroom where my lovely little harbor girl is relaxing in the tub, her leg hanging seductively in the air as she washes it. Traveling from her foot all the way down into the water, disappearing below the water to a zone forbidden from me. Just looking at this makes me wet, I need to touch her. It’s not want anymore it’s a need that’s almost primal. But I don’t want to scare her away, so I ask to wash her hair for her and she allows it.

I rinse her hair, taking a moment to caress her face, the safe zone. I put the shampoo in my hand and massage it into her scalp. I feel her relax into my hands letting my fingers work all the tension out of that pretty little head. And then she moans, just a slight little moan – a sign she’s enjoying my game of seduction with her head. But with that sound, something inside of me explodes. I can’t believe I’m getting this wet from washing someone’s hair!

As I run rinse water through her hair, she looks up at me and says…

“You’re so beautiful Alex.”

“Same here,” I say.

Then she reaches for my face and pulls it down to hers and I’m confused. She kisses me softly, cautiously. This is new to her, so I let her lead. And when she leads my hand down to her soft round breast, I know it’s okay. It’s feels so right in my hand, like it belongs there. And her response is a different moan, not one of relaxation but of desire. And I want to fulfill this need in her, so my kiss travels down her neck and my hand down her stomach-up her thighs, treasuring each piece of her I get to touch. .
Then I notice her eyes are closed and she’s shivering a little.

“You sure you want this?” I ask.

“Yeah, just scared you won’t like…it…um me.”

“That’s not possible,” I tell her and kiss her again, making her understand how badly I want this too.

I help her out the tub and lead her to the bedroom. And she says.

“I want to feel your skin against mine” as she frees me from the T-shirt and shorts I had been sleeping in. And all I can think as she undress me, is she has no idea how sexy she is when she says things like that.

As she pulls off my shirt, she leaves cautious kisses on my belly. Almost as if she’s scared to touch me, but as she senses my body responding to her touch she grows more confident and her fingers slide into my panties and slip them off.

Skin meets skin as we lay on the bed together and I take her lips in mine again and my leg falls between hers caressing her aching center. I’m in heaven and so is she and our fear has faded away in the face of our primal needs. I want to savor every inch of her and I do leaving kisses from her forehead down to her toes, receiving a lot more of those pleasing, wonderful little moans as she ask for more.

I know she wants me inside, I can feel it, but I take my time working my way up her thighs to fulfill that need, when I finally take her over the edge completely, I feel like I’m the one burst from the inside out…

And then I’m really awake, realizing it was all a dream. And I’m shaking with the memory of it intensely present in my mind as I realize I’ve broken into a cold sweat. I need a real shower so I get up and take one last look at the sweet face of the sleeping girl who remains, for the moment, untouched by me.


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