The Legend Stories

Legend is one of those characters that keeps coming back to me. She was inspired by the children with “big names”. For example I know kids named King, Pharaoh, Almighty, and such just to name a few. Not to mention how many little girls are named ‘Destiny’. It’s a lot of name for a small child when you think about it. So came Legend (and her siblings Future, Majesty, and Destiny). However, the story is of Legend’s growing up and dealing with being nothing her parents expect in addition to her feelings on being less-that-legendary. It’s another Lesbian ‘coming out’ story, but I think it has a different twist to it.

Legend: Burning My hair

A young teenager uses her hair to rebel against her conservative parents. the story

Legend: The Rebelion

Legend wants to believe in her boyfriends values, but her belief in him gets tested when she meets his aunt. the story

Legend: The Me Beneath Me

Legend faces the feelings that have been threatening to come out for her Boyfriend's aunt and she doesn't know what to do with them. the story

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