Birds of Prey (TV Series)

This is my Birds of Prey Fan Fiction section (the WB TV series, not the comic book). Birds of Prey was a special series for me. I followed Ashley Scott from Dark Angel right on over into this series because, at the time, I thought she was unbelievably hot. I was a big fan of the Helena/Dinah pairing. I deeply enjoyed my time as a Bird of Prey fan and was very sad to see the show canceled just when it was finding it’s footing as a series. But at least they litterally went out with a bang. :-)

Little Helena Kyle Series

There was a time when Helena wasn't aware of her gifts. When she was just the young daughter of a business woman. This story tells the tales of that little girl. the story

About a First Kiss

Dinah gets a chance to to bond with Helena and finds herself in an unexpected situation. the story

Like Me

Helena reflects on the similarities between herself. and young Dinah. Takes placeshortly after 'Sins of the Mother' the story

After The Kiss

Set after the events of "About a first Kiss" Dinah seeks to define her relationship with Huntress and experiences another first in the journey. the story

I always finish what I start

That last scene in 'primal scream' was begging for a post episodic. This story takes place after the hug at the end of 'Primal Scream'. the story

Girl Talk

Gabby and Dinah share some chatter. the story

Going Home

A story of first love. Dinah's POV. the story

New Canary Series: Stolen Innocence

Meta-children are being kidnapped, but for what purpose? Oracle (Barbara), Huntress (Helena) and the New Canary (Dinah) the story

New Canary Series: Rush

Graduation of the senior class is just around the corner for the kids at the Gotham High School, but of course it can't just be a happy occasion. A high school related case interrupts the joy of graduation the story

New Canary Series: Family

It's Dinah's first year in College and it will change the course of her life forever. the story

New Canary Series: Nikki Lance

Dinah and Helena's secure life changes when Kelly Williams returns for her child. the story

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