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I present to you for your amusement the world of Kelley Avenue. Kelley Ave is the world I created for my doll collection. I feel like my interest in film making started with these little projects. They were originally published on my websites from the past, (A Harry Potter website dedidcated to the Weasley Family) and Imitation of Life (my 1:6 doll/action figure site). I re-publish them here for your enjoyment.

Tales from the Avenue
This is my random doll story series. Some stories are about the Weasley dolls, some are about the characters from On the Avenue, and some are about the other random characters who came to populate the Kelley Avenue world.
On The Avenue Series
This is a little soap opera I created using dolls as my visuals. On the Avenue was started as a series of short stories before I created the doll photo story series. You can read those here. You can also find out more about the Kelley Ave Families here.
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