Forbidden Fruit

[April 2005]

Fandom: The O.C.
Title: Forbidden Fruit
PenName: Rhonda Weasley
Paring(s):  Alex/Julie, Alex/Marissa
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Julie, unable to get Alex off her mind, drops into her place for a visit.
Notes: Takes place after the “The Mallpisode”, but before “The Blaze of Glory”.
Warning(s): This bit of smutty fun has become part two of at least a three part series. 
Disclaimer: The O.C. tv series was a product of FOX television. No copyright infringement intended.


The alarm clock rang and Alex woke up in a cold sweat, breathing hard. She couldn’t believe what she was dreaming about and she couldn’t stop dreaming about it. She hit the button on the alarm clock, cutting off the blaring sound.

Marissa hadn’t reacted to the sound at all. She was curled up in the bed beside her, sleeping soundly despite the blaring alarm. Alex was glad, because the touch that had made her shiver in her dreams belonged not to her girlfriend, but her girlfriend’s mother. Luckily, Marissa wasn’t waking up from her comfortable dreamland any time soon

Marissa was exhausted because they had spent most of the night talking. Marissa had confessed that she got a little stressed and had bailed on the messy house to hang out with Summer at the mall. They got distracted and ended up accidentally locked in the mall. Alex asked her why she had lied and she claimed it was because she hated feeling so immature around her. Then Alex had told her she wasn’t her mom, she wasn’t going to chastise her for hanging out with her friends. And they laughed together for a little while. Then they made love and Alex tried to forget the taste of forbidden lust on her lips… but she couldn’t escape it.


Julie Cooper-Nichol twiddled a pen in-between her fingers as she sat at the desk in her office. All she could think about, was her sexual encounter with Alex. And while it provided a nice distraction from the stress of dealing with Porno guy, it was getting to be too much. The girls face kept popping in her head at quiet moments and making her think about their unexpected encounter. She hadn’t been that turned on in a long time, she hadn’t longed to be touched again and again like that since… well Marissa’s father… Jimmy, one of the few people in her life she had ever been serious about. But this was different. It wasn’t love, she didn’t want to spend hours talking to her or walking through the park holding hands (actually she’d never been fond of that, even with Jimmy) she just wanted to fuck Alex again. To let go of everything but desire and be one with the lovely young blond. This was getting crazy, she had to get Alex off her mind. But how? She got up and paced the office.

Kirsten came in halfway through her pacing, carrying a portfolio. Ever since she fucked Alex, Julie was overly aware of women’s bodies and she began to notice things about Kirsten. Her movements, the beauty in the shape of her legs, her perfect little butt, the roundness of her breast. It was like a long buried desire was surfacing and she couldn’t stop it. Kirsten seemed to notice her staring so she pulled her eyes away.

“Um, there’s some more pictures in here, you need to make a decision on the—“

“Magazine ads, I know,” Julie said taking the portfolio. “I’m a little distracted right now.”

“Get back to me,” Kirsten said leaving Julie’s office, looking a little worried about her.

Julie still couldn’t wrap her head around the idea that woman was…. technically… her stepdaughter, it didn’t seem real. She threw the magazine ad images to side, she couldn’t concentrate on them right now. After thinking about it, she knew there was only one solution to this problem. She grabbed her car keys and went for a drive.


Marissa was at school and Alex didn’t have to work, so she sat around the apartment doing the last thing she should do when she was upset, drink. Most of the time she could handle her drinking, but drinking didn’t mix well with a bad mood 80% of the time. Alex thought if she downed enough of the forbidden liquid the image of Julie Cooper-Nichol would leave her mind, but it didn’t. Every time she closed her eyes, she saw those eyes — eyes so much like Marissa’s that weren’t Marissa’s, but got her hot anyway. And those hands, hands far more experienced than Marissa’s that…

She had to stop thinking about this. She had a perfect and beautiful girlfriend that she loved being with and talking to and making love too. She smiled thinking about Marissa’s soft skin cuddling against her own in the night. She thought about the moments that had led to them being together, like the drive up to LA and their all night movie party for two. They had been so happy… before she moved in.

She drank some more.

She was so wound up she couldn’t take it. She knew she had drunk far too much to be driving, but if she stayed here any more, in the quiet, thinking about Julie… or Marissa. She’d go crazy.

She grabbed her keys, headed for the door, and opened it only to find Julie Cooper-Nichol standing there with an usually large handbag.

“What are you doing here?” Alex asked.

“I’ve been thinking about you,” Julie said.

“I haven’t been thinking about you,” Alex lied as she turned away from her visitor. A part of her was saying she should slam the door in her face. But somehow she couldn’t find the resolve to manage it. She heard Julie step in and close the door.

“So this is where Marissa is living,” Julie said looking around. Alex looked at Julie long enough to catch a glimpse at her disapproving gaze.

“We like it,” Alex said forcing some defiance into her tone and trying hard not to stare at the woman. Julie began to move around the apartment, letting her hand explore various objects. Alex tried not to think about the way she moved. There was an elegant grace to her, but it had this edge to it. Something mysterious and dark and completely sexy. Alex hated that it was so damn appealing to her.

“Do you know Marissa isn’t here?” Alex told her.

“I was actually counting on that?”

“Why? I mean you already told me…thank you…. of all things. Why would you say that?”

Julie sighed. “I was thanking you for making me feel something I thought I had forgotten.”

“It was wrong,” Alex said, unable to fake anger anymore.

“It was,” Julie said walking up to her. “Forbiden Fruit. That’s probably why it was so good, so hot, so… intense.”

Julie reached up and ran a finger over the younger woman’s lips. Then her hands moved slowly across Alex’s waist and up to her breast, cupping each one in her hand and playing with the nipple through the thin material of shirt she was wearing. Alex, against her own attempts at resistance, shivered a little at the contact.

Julie let her hands slide back down to Alex’s waist and then she pulled her close. The older woman’s lips met hers in a feirce kiss. Alex tried to stand firm, but her body betrayed her and responded to the kiss. How could she not? Julie’s lips were amazing, they seemed to know exactly how to tangle with hers and within a moment she was lost in it and her tongue was darting out to share it’s erotic dance with it’s mate.

Julie wanted to stop herself before she got here, but she thought maybe if she fucked her one more time it would get it out of her system. And that was exactly what she came her to do, fuck her one more time. Fuck her in a way she’d never been fucked before — fullfill her dirtiest fantasies about the girl and get it out of her system. Then she could go back to burying these feelings and being whatever it was she was suppose to be, whatever it was she was suppose to be happy with… money, that’s it…and power. That’s why she married him — that’s why she gave up real pleasure… money and power. At this moment it didn’t seem all that worth it.

Their lips parted and Julie’s hands traveled back to the waistband of Alex’s jeans and began to unhook them. Alex reached down and stopped her.

“I can’t,” Alex said, but there was no real determination to stop in her protest.

“Why not?” Julie asked.

“I love Marissa,” Alex told her.

“I love her too,” Julie said. “But this,” Julie began slipping her hands into the now lose waistband of Alex’s jeans. “Has nothing to do with Marissa.”

“I don’t want to want you,” Alex said, even though wet anticipation was already creeping between her legs.

“But you can’t help yourself. I know, because I feel the same way. I have this insane fever for you running through me. Like I’m a junkie in need of a fix. I know it’s wrong, but it’s all I want and I’ll do anything to get it. Anything.”

Julie’s hands, still in the waist of Alex’s jeans, traveled behind her butt cheeks and cupped them. Julie’s kisses traveled the length of her neck as she pushed Alex’s jeans and panties off in one swift movement. She then stepped away just enough to pull off the dress she was wearing and discarded it, leaving herself clad in only her underwear and stockings. She was wearing yet another sexy thong. Something Alex was already hungry to peal off.

“Is that the bedroom,” Julie asked pointing in the general direction of the bedroom. Alex nodded. Julie grabbed her by the shirt and led her back to the bedroom. Alex had no urge to fight her on this, maybe the alcohol was doing it. Yeah, she could blame it on that.

Julie pushed her on the bed and straddled her waist. She began to unbutton the shirt Alex was still wearing. Luckily, she hadn’t been wearing a bra so Julie’s hands immediately went to her breast, caressing them softly and rolling the nipples between her fingers. Then Julie took one of her breast into her mouth. As she did thait, Alex’s hands found the clasp of Julie’s bra and freed her from it.

Then Alex rolled Julie underneath of her and claimed her lips. When the kiss broke, she reached down and pulled off the stockings Julie was wearing. Then she slowly removed the thong. The smell of Julie’s sex greeted her as she removed it and it was intoxicating. She loved the smell of a woman turned on. Alex wasted no time in greeting the other woman’s vaginal lips with her lips. As she began to lick her lower lips, she felt Julie’s hands caressing her bottom. So she repositioned herself so her bottom was facing the older woman.

Julie had never really taken time to appreciate the lovely shape of Alex’s little apple butt, but she loved touching it, she loved the feel of it in her hands. She was tempted to stick a finger in her puckered hole, but she resisted the temptation. Instead, she tasted and fondled Alex’s delicious pussy as Alex did the same to her.

It felt good for both of them to pleasure the other and be pleased at the same time, even though at times they lost concentration because what the other person was doing felt so good they stopped what they were doing. Suddenly, Julie felt Alex tensing up, she knew she was going to go over the edge soon. So she went with her instinct and allowed a finger to slip into the younger woman’s back door. Shock came over Alex for a second, but she enjoyed the sensation of the mouth at one end and fingers at the other. She was taken to an incredible high from the double penetration and seemed to burst from the inside out when she started cumming. She shuddered as her body experienced an incredible orgasm. It took her a minute to recover from it.

“Damn,” Alex said, exasperated. After that, she was even more driven to please Julie. She let her tongue play with the other woman’s clit as two of her fingers worked there way deep inside. Julie moaned, toying with her own breast as Alex sucked on her very stimulated clit.

“Oh yes, fuck yes,” Julie muttered as she felt the intense release of her orgasm.

Alex lapped up the love juice like it was the sweetest nectar on the planet. Damn, she was really starting to love the taste of this woman. Alex turned back around so that they were face to face. Their lips met in an erotic dance, mingling the taste of each other. Julie’s leg moved up and down between Alex’s legs as they kissed, making her feel so warm inside again that she was leaking in anticipation of more. They kissed for a long time though, just kissed and explored each other’s bodies with their hands. But then suddenly, Julie pulled away.

“I have a surprise for you. I’ll be right back,” Julie whispered.

Julie climbed out of bed and Alex lay there trying not to think about how wet this woman got her, how hard she made her cum, or how willing she was to let her do anything she wanted. She closed her eyes, toyed with her breast, and played with her clit thinking about it her.

“Don’t you dare do that without me,” Julie said.

Alex opened her eyes and looked at Julie who was holding the unusally large handbag she’d dropped seconds after entering.

“I’ve been having these fantasies about you,” Julie said. “So I thought, why not fulfill one.” She leaned close to her ear. “Turn over,” Julie whispered.

Alex turned over, a little afraid of the fact she was so willing to allow this woman anything she wanted. In fact, she got quite a thrill out of the mystery of her and the fact she had been having fantasies about what she wanted to do to her.

Julie positioned Alex comfortably against a pillow and raised her bottom in the air. “I’m really starting to love this ass of yours,” she said kissing at the left cheek and then the right, then caressing the area where the two mounds met. She’s never had anyone kiss her bottom, but she loved the feel of it. Julie spread her lover’s legs open and slowly began to caress across her vaginal slit. She let her fingers slip inside carressing her wet pussy lips just for a bit before rubbing across her fingers across her butt cheeks again. She gave her lover’s bottom another kiss and then her hand went away for awhile. Alex had a feeling what she was going to do when she felt something cool on her butt. Julie was using lube on her ass, that could only mean she was planning to fuck her there again. She thought about saying no to this, not sure how far it would go, but soon she felt the lovely sensation of Julie’s finger slipping inside her. “Mmmmmm,” Alex moaned.

Julie got such and intense pleasure out of moans like that. Alex’s ass was now meeting the stroke of her finger, so she slipped in a second and then after awhile three, letting the younger woman’s virgin rear hole adjust to each new invader. Just enough to be movement to be pleasurable, no more. Then the fingers backed off and Alex felt something foreign at the door between her butt cheeks, something Julie didn’t have biologically.

“What the… oh damn… fuck,” Alex muttered. She felt the foreign object moving slowly deeper and deeper into her back opening.

“It’s just a toy for us. Don’t be scared,” Julie whispered leaning over Alex, her breast grazing the younger woman’s back. As Julie’s hands came around to caress Alex’s breast, she realized both Julie’s hands were free, so it must have been a strap-on. Having never allowed this kind of penatration, with a guy or a girl, she was a little afraid. But she had enjoyed the sensation of her fingers there so this had to be as good. She was an adventurous girl, she took chances, and she was getting far more pleasure than pain from Julie’s sexual domination, so she rolled with it.

It had hurt a little when she first started to spread her, but Julie was careful and conscious of her lover’s pleasure. The pain faded into pleasure so quickly that it was almost forgotten. It was like losing her virginity all over again. She began anticipating the strokes of Julie’s faux penis without any thought at all, loving the sensation of it, begging for more as Julie increased the intensity of her strokes. It was one of the most amazing couplings she ever experienced.

And then Julie stopped and pulled out.

“Don’t stop,” Alex begged..

“I want to look at you,” Julie said. “I want to see you cum.”

She turned her over, pushed her legs back and positioned her faux penis at the now well spread anal entry berfore she thrust deep inside again. She began to toy with Alex’s clit as she moved inside her this time, driving her completly over the edge again. It didn’t take long for her to cum. Her body was actually convulsing with this orgasm. Julie pulled out and put her mouth over Alex’s pussy, licking up her girl juice even as her body spasmed with the orgasam, which only seemed to make it more pleasurable.

Meanwhile, Julie’s fingers slipped in the area under her love toy and she got herself off. It didn’t take long; she had gotten so turned on ass fucking Alex it was just a matter of releasing all the pent up pressure. Then she and Alex kissed again, a long intense passionate kiss. As their lips parted from this kiss, they lay there holding each other and not speaking as they came down from the intensity of it all.

It seemed like hours before either of them spoke. They laid together in silence with Julie spooning Alex, the love toy she had used to please her abandoned on the floor. It was Alex who finally broke this comfortable silence.

“I don’t love you,” was the first thing Alex said.

“And I don’t love you,” Julie replied.

“So what the fuck are we doing?”

“We’re fucking,”Julie replied.

“But we shouldn’t be,” Alex said pulling away and sitting up. The sexual high had fadded and guilt started to flood in again.

Julie missed the contact of her body as soon as it was away from her own. Why did this girl insist upon ruing this moment?

“Stop trying to rationalize this,” Julie said, attempting to pull her into a kiss.

Alex pulled away again. “Why are you doing this? Is this some type of bored rich woman thing for you?”

“No,” Julie said sharply. “I just… I guess I needed to know if I could have been happy with her.”


For some reason, Julie suddenly felt the need to confess to her. Maybe if she understood… “I really don’t know if I loved her, but I liked her a whole lot,” Julie said, not really looking at Alex.


“Kay, we had just finished high school and we worked in this crappy mall job together selling gym gear. She was engaged and…” Julie sighed. “Well it wasn’t suppose to happen.”

“Kay was your ‘girls gone wild’ moment?” Alex questioned.

“Yeah, except she was more than that. But I wasn’t allowed to have those feelings, so I fought them. I did a real good job burying them too. Then we had this party and Kay and I got really drunk. It was a small party, six intimate friends. We decided to spin the bottle a bit, for laughs. Kay had to kiss me and I wanted to kiss her so bad for so long, but not like that, not in front of people, I wanted it to be special, I wanted it to be about us. But I did it because I didn’t know if I’d ever get the chance again. Her boyfriend got a real kick out of it.”

“And you?”

“I don’t know, it was a great kiss but it was a part of a side show. I drank some more to try to forget that part. Everyone left before I did, so it was just me, Kay, and her boyfriend. Somehow, I barely remember it, he talked me into kissing Kay again. He thought it was hot. And I was half-glad to have her in my arms, but half-disappointed her boyfriend was there. So I drank more, to try to block him out. I don’t really remember it. I have flashes of that night, I only remember boyfriend watching and me waking up in bed with both of them.”

“What happened after?”

“Kay was really embarrassed, she blamed it on the alcohol, said she’d never kiss a girl without it. I laughed and said the same,” Julie told her. “I quit my job, lost contact on purpose.” Julie sighed. “A part of me wonders how much more could have been between us if it had happened right. I wanted to kiss her and make love to her without the audience, but it never happened. I guess that’s why I thanked you, because I finally knew what it was like to really be with a woman, even if it wasn’t Kay.”

Alex felt like she should have been offended or felt used, but instead she felt sorry for her lover.

“Mrs. Coop….”

“Julie,” Julie corrected. She saw no point in the girl addressing her formerly at this point.

“Julie, I’m sor–”

Julie put a finger to her lips. “Don’t, I was just being honest. I don’t want your pity.”

They sat in quiet for a few moments before Alex spoke again. Julie had confided in her and she felt compelled to do the same.

“She won’t kiss me after,” Alex finally said.

“Who won’t kiss you after what?”

“Marissa, she won’t kiss me if I go down on her,” Alex admitted reluctantly. At this moment, she seemed far more young than she usually did. Alex wondered why she was confiding in Julie when this was supposed to be all about sex.  They weren’t supposed to feel anything but the satisfying pleasure of the physical act. But after Julie’s confession about Kay she felt connected to her all of sudden. In some ways, she really trusted her. Maybe it wasn’t possible to be emotionally disconnected with a woman the way you could a man. So against her instincts to do otherwise, she continued. “It’s like, she thinks it’s kind of dirty and she can’t get past it,” Alex continued. “She’ll only use her fingers, she avoids doing the oral thing.”

Alex didn’t quite know how Julie would react to hearing about her daugter’s sex life. But to her shock, Julie laughed. It shocked Julie as well that she wasn’t weirded out by this discussion about her daughter’s sex life with Alex. 

“What’s so funny?” Alex said a little offended. She was regretting saying anything at all.

“My daughter’s funny. I guess we’re not as alike as I thought,” Julie told her. “We certainly don’t have the same taste, because  I love the taste of you, every inch of you. And I love the taste of me on your lips.”

Upon hearing this, Alex pulled her into a kiss, sharing the faint taste of sex that was still on her lips. It made Alex horny all over again and she hated herself for it. The kiss broke and Julie ran a finger over Alex’s naked body.

“Damn, I wish I didn’t have to go,” Julie said. “But I have to get in a shower before I leave.”

She struggled to get out the bed and left the bedroom. The sound of water running indicated she had found the bathroom.

The first time Alex fucked Julie Cooper-Nichol she was sure she’d gone insane. She just wanted to forget, forget that it was Marissa’s mother she’d had an affair with, forget how good it was, forget the taste of her – the smell of her – everything about her. And even though all she wanted to do was forget, she found it impossible. But now, now she felt even more cursed, because she actually liked her. She’d be with her again in a second without fighting it. Then Marissa slipped into her mind. Would Marissa be horrified if she knew? Of course she would. She could never know.

Alex had the urge to climb in the shower with Julie, to block out everything but the pleasure they created together, to sink in it’s intensity and shut up the voice in the back of her head. But she resisted the urge and stared at the ceiling, she had never been so exhausted….

Alex woke up to Marissa closing the front door. Panic ran threw her as she checked the time — school was over. She listened for the sound of running water, it was no longer there. The bed was still a mess. Alex quickly got off the bed and grabbed a robe to put on. She stripped the bed of its sheets, stuffed them in a nearby clothing basket and went out to see Marissa.

“Hey,” Marissa said greeting her with a kiss on the cheek. “How was your day?”

“A little boring,” Alex lied. “Slept away most of it.” She glanced around to make sure all signs of Marissa’s mother were gone. Julie must have thoroughly cleaned up behind herself, because she noticed nothing of her was left behind.


Julie sat in her office that night, watching the night sky, thinking about her day with Alex. Hell, just thinking about Alex and feeling sort of giddy inside. She’d looked in on her before she left, exhausted and throughly satisfied. She was sleeping soundly, not even stirred by the sound of Julie moving around her. Julie hoped, deep down, that Alex was dreaming of her. And that scared her, she hated that the beautiful blond was getting to her like this. She was suppose to get her out of her system, she wasn’t supposed to develop feelings for her, not feelings like these. She wasn’t suppose to want to watch her sleep for hours. They weren’t suppose to talk, they weren’t suppose to connect. Julie wasn’t supposed to care. But she did care. There was only one solution; Alex had to be free.

She could already see that her daughter (silly girl that she was) had returned to Ryan’s orbit. Let Marissa have Ryan, he was the perfect toy for a child. Alex was something more, something that Marissa wasn’t near mature enough for. If she found a way to convince Marissa to end this, then she could have everything she wanted. Her daughter would be home, where she belonged. And she could have Alex all to herself.

As much as she loved her, Marissa was a silly child. She wasn’t ready for a woman, not a woman like that. And when Marissa got in over her head, she started down a destructive path, it was only a matter of time. But she was so damn hard headed; it would be impossible to get her to see that. It had to end. Somehow she’d drive them apart, for Marissa’s own good that is.



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