The Day Fowley Died


Fandom: The X-Files
Title: The Day Fowley Died
PenName:  Empress Vader
Rating: R
Summary: After she gave Mulder to Scully, how did the Fowl one die?
Notes: SAfter she gave Mulder to Scully, how did the Fowl one die?After she gave Mulder to Scully, how did the Fowl one die?After she gave Mulder to Scully, how did the Fowl one die?poilers = 6th Extinction II-Amor Fati
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters created by the wonderfully talented Chris Carter.

Diana stepped into her apartment, nervous. If they ever found out she had given Scully that pass, she’d be in trouble.

“So, It’s always been about him,” A voice said. Diana turned just in time to see her boss remove a pack of Morley’s.

“What are you talking about?”

“Do you think I haven’t noticed you and Agent Scully’s little cat fight.”

Throwing on her best deceptive smile, Diana reached for his hand. He jerked away, pulled a Morley from his pack, and lit it. There was something dark, mysterious, and powerful about the way that flicker of light illuminated his face.

“Scully and I never fought,” Diana managed out in the coolest voice possible.

“I’ve learned to read people, so I easily saw the meaning behind all those glances. But the way you two were, a small child could have seen it. You and Agent Scully were five minutes away from ripping out each other’s throats,” the smoking man’s gaze ran over Diana. “I had so many plans for you. We were going to be the Adam and Eve of a New World. You were a powerful woman.”

“I loved him,” Diana said “I had to save him.”

“Don’t give me that crap Diana,” he suddenly yelled, causing her to jump for a moment.

“This wasn’t about love, it was about control. You told me the best way to control Mulder was to give him an ally. And you were right, whenever Mulder got to close, we used Scully. You helped hand pick Agent Scully. You knew as I did that they would unite, but you never planned on how tight. You thought when we finally replayed your card, you would posses him still, you hadn’t planned on Scully, someone sceptical of all his work, would become THAT close or important. You thought all it would take was a smile to return him to you. ”

“If that were so, why would I have lead Scully to him.”

“Because as long as he’s alive, you still have a chance to win against her, with him. And by showing Agent Scully you have a heart, there’s an even better chance of usurping Mulder from her. But you see dear Diana, I cannot let you win, if only because it puts the project in jeopardy.” The smoking man put out his Morley, reached into his jacket, and pulled out a gun.

“Wait,” Diana yelled as he cocked it.

“I can’t, no one must put themselves above the project.”

“But didn’t you, with Teena,” Diana walked up to him, slowly, so as not to operate his trigger finger. “Didn’t you for me, didn’t I for you,” Diana reached out for his free hand and raised it to her face, kissing it softly. She felt him relax under the sensation. How much more would it take to convince him not to kill her she wondered. His hand quickly swept up behind her neck and pulled her to him. Planting a deep kiss to her lips, the gun quickly rose to her chest and canceled her life. Her lips fell limp on his as she dropped to the ground. The Smoking man sighed as he stared at Diana’s body on the ground.

“Everybody has an agenda Diana and the motives are rarely unselfish. You were no Teena Mulder anyway.” He wiped his weapon clean, placed it in a plastic bag, and pocketed it to dispose of later.


DZ – 1999

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