Cosmic Kid Series

[April 2002]

Fandom: Smallville
Title: Cosmic Kid Series
PenName: Empress Vader
Character(s): Clark, Martha, John, Lana, Nell
Rating: G
Summary: A series of stories about Kal-El/Clark’s arrival on earth.
Notes:I was looking at pictures of young Malkolm Alburquenque (who played the toddler Clark in the Smallville Pilot). I thought it would be intresting to write about Clark’s journey from the perspective of a small child. Before Smallville, I always saw Superman come to earth as an infant. In Smallville he’s at least 3 (I guess) when he lands, which makes him more active and easier to play with. I only have a bare bones knowledge of Krpyton and super kid’s lineage (I know his Dad’s name is Jor-El), so bare with me.
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters featured in the WB teen drama series Smallville. No copyright infringement intended.

The baby boy felt the arms around him and it was from the woman who held him that he got the imprint of mother. Her loving arms were his first memory.
“Kal-El,” she said pointing to him. “Kal-El,” she said again. “You Kal-El.”
And there was a man, from whom he got the imprint of father. He entered the room and patted him affectionately on the head. And they were happy.
One day father took him into a shiny room and showed him a little pod of sorts. The room was very shiny and so was the pod.
“This will secure your future,” he said kissing him on the head.
And many days came and went where he came to understand father and mother more. He became mobile and curious. Mother told him stories. And Father took him into the lab ever night and he measured him often.
“They all think I’m crazy Kal-El. They think Krypton is immortal, that it will continue to spin among the heavens for many generations. The just don’t know.”
He did not know what a Krypton was, nor heavens, or generations, but he looked at his father wide eyed as he spoke.
“Your mother doesn’t know there isn’t time to save us all. You little one will have to make the journey alone. You must be brave, will you be brave.”
He nodded, but he did not know what bravery was. It seems father wanted him to nod.
And then the day of rumbles came. He lay secure in his crib when the shakes began. His mother had him in her arms before he knew what was going on. And from her, in that moment, he got the imprint of fear.
“Bring him to the lab,” father said running in the room.
He didn’t know what was going on. He suddenly knew fear in himself.
“It came even sooner than I thought, but there is still time.”
“Time for?” his mother asked.
“To send Kal-El to safety in the pod.”
“What? You said it was a test model, for a small animal.”
“It would have been, but I always prepared for the fact our son might have to go it alone.”
“No,” she yelled. “He’s just a baby.”
She ran to a corner and held him close. Her heartbeat sounded as loud as it had when he was inside her. He gripped her as tight as she gripped him. But the rumbles continued and from the room she they had a clear view of the world falling down around them. The sight somehow eased mother’s fear and she put him in his father’s arms.
“Save him,” she said simply.
And Father took him back to the shiny room. They both kissed him, then opened the shiny pod, then put him inside. All types of things were connected to him in the space womb. He lay secure in a warm blanket. And then it the pod was closed.
“Ka-Well,” were the last words he spoke as he was enclosed in a secure darkness. And Then there was a loud noise. And then…nothing.

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