The 12th Circle

[June 2003]

Fandom: Star Wars
Title: The 12th Circle: The New Realm Quest
PenName: EV
Character(s): Luke, Leia, Anakin, Padme
Rating: PG
Summary: Luke and Leia hear a call through the force to a distant world and enter a quest through the mysterious Realm to save their mother’s spirit.
Notes: This story is unfinished.
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters created by George Lucas. No copyright infringement intended.


The Prologue

She had been happy just days ago, at least she thought it was days. It was so hard to tell now that it was always dark. Would day ever come? No, because she had been consumed with her own selfish wants, just like him. Her purpose in life had been noble enough, she’d wanted to save them.


“And in the process you doomed yourself,” the Shadow said.
She’d forgotten he was everywhere, his materialized form was just that, a materialized form. His connection to the force had created this other realm from nothing, not from nothing, from her dream, her dream of a better place for herself and them.
“It was a selfish move,” said the Shadow. “You had secured them a place in your physical realm, yet you insisted on keeping them for yourself. You used their powers in the force, the fact they’d been inside of you, as a tool. And now their caretakers have cut you off and in your despair there was anger and you left the door open for me to take over. Now you are my prisoner and I have this wonderful world to manipulate and command.”

The former queen saw a huge black dragon fly past the window. Only days ago it had been a beautiful white dove that she flew with them, all of them. Over crystal blue oceans and tall green trees. Perhaps this world had been a selfish whim, but she had no idea how powerful the mind could be. Little had she known something, someone, with more power than she, was allowing it to be so. She wanted to believe it was just a dream, instead of a whole other realm. In truth it was a mixture of both, her imagination, and his power. Her mind had made something more dangerous than everything in the galaxy in which she had once lived. Now she sat, chained to him, chained to a life in his service. And in this other realm, where life sat frozen in time forever, she didn’t even have the chance of escaping him in death. Only they had the key, her children. They had to come, one day their minds would touch hers again. She created this world and she could survive it. Someday they would come.

Someday. . . . . . . .



(Sept.  2003)

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