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Content Shift

Some content isn’t here, where did it go? Why it went to

In the End we Bring it Back

I decided instead of making this site into, I thought it made more sense to let be a separate website… Read This

Growing Content…

Tons of content added. Finally got up a bunch of fiction stories and started the non-fiction section. It will be small, so I will proably be done adding archived content from websites/life past in the morning. Also added a ton of stuff to the Harry Potter Gallery and my Design Gallery

Website organization continues to progress

Well a significant portion of the content I wanted to include is on the site (yay). Still need to work on getting the rest of my fiction and all of my non-fiction on the site. I’m also re-organizing the gallery. However, I think I sort of have everything where I want it. Well, work tommorow, so I must go to bed. If anyone finds empty section of the site or weirdly labeled stuff, I’m still working on the clean up. Getting the content on here was the hardest part. I’ll clean up the rough edges as soon as I can… Read This

So Much Done, so much more to do…

Wow this is a job, even with the powerful mostly WYSIWYG editing capabilities WordPress is giving me. There’s so much Harry Potter content on here already, you’d think I was going for a Harry Potter site. I’m not, but the URL is and I can’t deny it’s influence on a lot of the site. Anyway, I got a couple photo stories up and the Weasley Doll pages. I’m starting to see the structure come together. Had to remind myself of a few coding tricks in order to get a few things on the site to do what I want… Read This Reboot

Building a new site using the Wordpress Platform. We will see how it all turns out. Very much in the process of creation right now. So if you stumble across this site while it’s ‘in progress’, keep in mind that it is in progress… Read This

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