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I was a big fan of the Dark Angel kids. A lot of my fan fiction for the show, in fact, was based on the X5s. I was also a huge fan of Zack. I ran both a website dedicated to the kids of Dark Angel called Dark Cherubs and the character of Zack and it was called simply Dark Angel’s Zack. Apparently this caught Chris Lazar’s attention and he granted me this Q&A session.

Note: EV (or EmpressV) was the online handle I used at the

Q & A with Chris Lazar (Young Zack):

June 5, 2001

Bio Info:

Full Name:  Christopher Robin Lazar

Birth Date: October 29, 1986

Hometown: Born in Hamilton,Ontario – moved to To Vancouver at 3 years of age. 


Questions -

EV: How did you get hired to play on Dark Angel? And do you enjoy your work on the show?

Chris: I got this job when I auditioned for it about a year and a half ago, Then I got a “call back” where they do just that and show them up again. It got down to me and another kid, I got it and the other kid was cast as Jack. 
EV: How well do you know Geneva Locke? Did you know any of the other X5 kids before hand? Are you friends with any of them?

Chris: I’m sorry to say I don’t know much about Geneva, but I am friends with her and I look forward to seeing her again some time. I don’t really socialize with anyone else there, I do talk to them but not as much.
EV: You’ve grown a lot since you first appeared in the pilot, do you think they will continue to use you as a young Zack, either before or after the escape or as an X7?

Chris: I think I might get some work this summer, but I’m not quite sure. I bet they will though, I wont be surprised if I do, and I will let you know when I do.

EV: Do you think you look like a young William Gregory Lee? What was it like to meet him? And Have you met any other Dark Angel Stars?

Chris: I did get the chance to meet Zack in the season finally, where I aimed the gun at him. I have to have other people tell me if I look like him, because I couldn’t tell. I did also meet Jessica a few times and I got her to sign my Maxim with her in it, SHE’S THE BEST! And I met Logan, he’s a nice guy. I also met Krit and Syl, their cool 2.

EV: We know Lydecker is the anti-christ of the X5s. However, John Savage is the Dark Angel star you have probably seen the most of. What is John Savage like?

Chris: I’ve done tuns of stuff with John Savage, we aren’t strangers to each other no more. I’m a big fan of his too. He was great in the “Dear Hunter” with Robert De Niero. He is a very nice guy and I hope I see him again soon also.

EV: Zack has often been painted as the over protective brother of the X5s. Do you feel you share any traits with Zack?

Chris: I’m not sure if I share traits with Zack, I like to fight, that could be one. I duke it out with my best friend Sergio in his garage with other kids. I don’t protect my [younger] siblings cause I don’t have any, I’m the youngest.


EV: What work have you done outside of Dark Angel?

Chris: I have worked on numerous movie sets as a kid, I was an extra in so much stuff. That’s how I started off my career, then I told my mom I wanted to do something better, so she told my agent and I went out to commercial auditions. I think I went to about 1000 auditions in my life. I would drive down town almost everyday in summer to audition for the christmas toy commercials and I did land 3 of em. Two of those micromachine ones and one for Lazer Tag. I had fun on those and then I started to get like TV show scripts and stuff. And then came DA, another cool thing. I do keep most of the scripts that I audition for and one day I was looking through some of them and I found 1 my bro did. It was for “The Sixth Sense” so that was pretty cool.

EV: Are you a fan of the Dark Angel series? Do you watch for yourself and/or your character?

Chris: I love DA and I watch it every Tuesday, not just to see me, although I don’t mind that either heh heh.
EV: Do you consider yourself one of the “stars” of Dark Angel?

Chris: I don’t consider myself the star of the show or anything, but I guess my role is a staple of the show.
EV: Did you have to go through any training to play Zack?

Chris: I did learn a lot of military junk and stuff, I learned a lot of hand signals and how to march and stand at attention. And I was sent to this Kung fu guy to learn how to fight for next season a while ago, they were like sizing me up to see what I could do. Then I decided I liked going to him, so I’m still going now.
EV: Do you wish you had the extraordinary abilities of the X5s?

Chris: I do wish I had X5 powers then I would like jump around the buildings and stuff and I could send guyz flying with one punch.
EV: Who’s your favorite character and/or star of Dark Angel?

Chris: My favorite character is Zack, he is the backbone of the group and keeps all of his family safe and in check. He would give his life for any of them.
Thank you Chris Lazar.

copyright © 2001

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