More random thoughts on Sailor Moon…as I enter season three (otherwise known as “S”)

I’m in the third season of sailor moon now and everyone I know who watches anime and has been happy to find out I’m finally watching Sailor Moon is all about me seeing this lesbian couple that appears in Sailor Moon “S”. Only Haruka and Michiru haven’t spun my head the way people have expected I guess. I don’t like Sailor Moon’s new wand transformation & attack for example. And the cry “lovely” by the latest monsters, the Daimons, is kind of corny. “Refresh” sounded better and sort of like the also used “cleansing” when Sailor moons magic wand “cleaned” a “monster” away where as “lovely” is just… silly. On top of that, all these ‘heart stealing’ curvy female monsters seem to hide their heart pullers in some very revealing places (Boobs, upper thigh, cleavage). This has just been a very sexual season. I’m waiting for someone to lift up a skirt before attempting to extract a heart crystal.

I will say the gender confusion created by Haruka has been the center of some funny episodes (She is to Sailor Moon what Shane was in the “L” word). So far it seems only Ami would like femmes if she were gay as my favorite episode so far is the one where she and Michiru get into it in the pool (hey, if people can interpret a relationship between Mars and Venus in the live action story line, I can embrace the possiblity Mercury had a brief thing for Neptune). Don’t know quite what to say about the Haruka thing in general, despite the fact she was suppose to be the coolest thing ever in Season 3 (S). However, the girls like her for the reasons straight girls consider “Shane” of the L-Word the type of girl that could turn them gay. It’s a girl that reminds them of a boy. So while I enjoy the fun of the androgyny of Haruka in the Sailors world, especially the episode where Jupiter’s desires were in question – while knowing Haruka’s gender (mostly because “I really admire her” was the excuse I used before I came out myself). That was an episode that really made me go “maybe Jupiter is…”. I know, she just want to be like her… in the “I’m cool with the way I am” way.

Mind you I haven’t seen the “corrupted” english versions where lovers became cousins. Well, I have, but it was a cartoon that bypassed me in any invested way as a young person. However, now I would be amused to see how they cover up some stuff, even from the first season.

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