Lust and Envy

[January 2002]

Fandom: Xena
Title: Lust and Envy
PenName: EV
Character(s): Ares, Discord, Hercules, Autolycus, Gabrielle, and Xena. (minor character – Cupid)
Rating: NC17
Summary: Cupids children, Lust and Envy, help Ares and Discord have a little fun with a band of heroes.
Notes: Inspired by the apearance of cupid’s son Bliss. I thought maybe all the cherubs were Cupids children and each represented different aspects of love. Lust and Envy are the black sheep of Cupid’s children.
Warning(s): Basically PWP. Lots of sex in the fict
Disclaimer: Neither Xena: Warrior Princess or Hercules: The Legendary Journeys belongs to me, but man how I love them.

Ares looked at cupids’ cherub children, Envy and Lust. Unlike there brother and sister, Bliss and Joy, they liked to play his games and he would play a game and a half tonight. The three of them stood unseen and unheard outside a room where Hercules, Autolycus, Gabrielle, and Xena were returning the ten year old boy prince to his mother.

“So brother, you going let me in on the games or what,” Discord said appearing.

“Discord, This is my game.”

“Oh, your going to depend on these half mortal, winged brats, to pull it off. They look no older than that prince they just let go home and they act younger.”

“Hey,” the dark cherubs said together.

“First of, they’re not really half mortal, Psyche was an immortal long before they were born, second, you’d be suprised how powerful there stuff is. Lust demonstrate on our beloved king and queen how powerful you bow is.


“I don’t know how we can thank you for the return of our little boy.” the queen said as she glanced over the room at the team.

“How about a reward,” Autolycus answered. Hercules kicked his chair. “What?”

“Knowing your son is safe is more than enough for us,” Gabrielle announced. Hercules smiled over at her.

“Thank the gods for that,” the king said sitting down.


Invisible to the group, Ares, Discord, Envy and Lust appeared in the room.

Xena’s head popped out. Ares knew Xena could sense his presence, but he was quickly going to distract her.

“Now discord, watch my girl Lust.”

Lust shot the dart through the room and hit the king and queen dead on. Suddenly the couple looked at each other and jumped from there seats into a passionate kiss. Everyone’s head popped up from the table. The king’s head guard cleared his throat and excused himself from the room, taking the boy with him.

“And that’s the affect on the week hearted.”

“So what’s your plan?” Discord asked. “Having that same affect on the bitchy bard and leather warrior.”

“To easy they already want each other. I want Xena to want me.”


“A little lust for my goody two shoes brother and a lot of Envy for my warrior princess and we have.”

“Sexual warfare, oh Ares your so good when your nasty.”

“She knows I’m here, see her looking around. But look over at our half blood brother and the blond. They have chemistry.”

. ************

Xena knew he was there somewhere, but where and why. She could never trust Ares, no matter how sexy he was. Whoa, what was that? A stinging sensation? She glanced across the table at Gabrielle, who was smiling at Hercules. If only she knew how much she thought about her, about touching that body that slept so close to her every night. Wait a minute, why did she suddenly seem so comfortable with Hercules?

What was that stinging sensation? Hercules thought as he touched his neck. It was brief, whatever it was. Boy, Xena was lucky to be traveling with this beautiful girl. It would have been hard for him to travel around with her in that skimpy skirt and that top. What was he thinking, this was Gabrielle, that little girl that followed Xena around like a lost puppy dog in that frumpy old dress. Still it was pleasing to the eye to she’d traded in that ten miles of fabric for this new look.

What was that stinging sensation? Gabrielle thought rubbing her elbow. She glanced back over at the sexy man beside her. She could still remember what a rambling idiot she’d been when she first met him. And though she had always liked Iolas, she’d always wondered what it was like to see the demi-god in all his glory. She’d ask Xena once, as she laid by her side. Gods that woman was beautiful, if she only she knew. Well she certainly couldn’t voice it to Xena, what would she think.

Was she crazy or was this demi-god watching her with lust in his eyes. As much as she hated to admit it, she wanted to know what it was like to have him, especially since Xena already had.


“Look at those eyes Discord,” Ares said. “Xena’s ready to rip Hercules apart. She doesn’t even care about sensing me anymore.”

“Maybe I’ve underestimated the runts,” Discord said licking her lips. “This has to be heading to someplace interesting.”

“One more player, Autolycus, can you think of something interesting to do with him.”

“Oh so now your ready to let me in on the fun.”


Autolycus flinched and then flinched again, what the hell had stung him twice? He looked around the room at all the people at the table, lucky bastard Hercules, he’d already had Xena (or at least that’s what he heard) and now Gabrielle was fawning over him like some school girl. And look at Xena, staring at Gabrielle like she wanted to, well anyone with good sense knew exactly what Gabrielle and Xena wanted to do to each other. Lucky bastards, all of them, sure he swung in every now and again, but he didn’t have any of them tripping over him the way they were now tripping over each other. And just the thought of what they all wanted to do to each other had him horny.

“I’m ready to turn in,” Gabrielle said stretching as she got up from the table, her eyes on Hercules. She knew Xena didn’t want him like that anymore and she knew she couldn’t have Xena, but maybe she could have what Xena had had. Yeah, his eyes were on her, she thought. He wanted her.

“I’m ready to,” Xena said jumping up and protectively hauling Gabrielle out the room. She should smack her for all those years of cuddling next to her and making her want her like this. Just the thought of anybody touching that body had her crazy.

Hercules watched the two women leave, he wished he ran into the two of them, without Ieolus, more often. Just watching the sway of Gabrielle’s skirt and the clank that accompanied Xena’s leather clad body was enough to turn him all the way on. The gods must have spent extra time designing them. He had to go to his room and cool off. If he didn’t stop thinking about the two of them, his budding erection would soon be showing. “Excuse me.”

Autolycus was feeling the same heat, he’d been around the three of them before and felt nothing (well maybe Xena, there was something about that leather), why suddenly was he aware of all their attributes. The golden demi-god, the dark warrior woman, and the blond amazon bard. He’d give anything to be alone with one of them tonight and relive the tension building in his loins, but they seemed more interested in fucking each other than him.

“I’m thinking of wearing this nightgown tonight,” Gabrielle said pulling the gown from her bag. They had been given this room for the night by one of the guards.

“Why?” ‘For him,’ Xena finished in her mind.

“Cause we’re in a castle and all. Didn’t you own anything like this Xena?”

“Not my style,” Xena said with a half grin as Gabrielle began to peal her clothing off. Xena watched from behind her, getting hot as she watched the small fabric that held her golden globes fall to the floor knowing in front of this bare back were the sweetest.

“I have to go, get my sword, I left it,” Xena said rushing from the room. Damn the bitch, damn her to hell for teasing her like this then flirting with Hercules.

Hercules knew where she was and when he saw Xena walking the other way, he saw his chance. He wasn’t sure what he was going to do, but damn that girl had gotten him hot. When he walked through the door she was just placing her new nightgown over her head. He walked over to her and said nothing, didn’t know what to say. Tell her he had a fire in his loins only she could satisfy.

“Hercules,” Gabrielle said in a weak voice.

He grabbed her hair in his hand and tilted her head up, assaulting her with his kiss. Blood rushed to both of their heads as they drowned in the sensation of their lips on each other. His hands were already hiking up her night gown and making their way to her unusually wet pleasure center. He pulled his face away and looked at her, shocked to find her so ready.

“I’ve been waiting for you,” Gabrielle admitted with a smile he’d never seen on her before. One of mad lust. She reached for his manhood. “And I see you have, too. It’s been to long.”

“I hope so,” Herc said throwing her on the bed and ravising her with his mouth.

Xena mind was rushing, her heart was racing. She couldn’t drive herself crazy and she couldn’t say good-bye to Gabrielle, they’re was only one solution, get it over with. Anything was better than the torture she was living.

A few feet from her door, she heard the unmistakable sound of sex and then the voice.

“Oh yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me Hercules. Oh by the gods,” she heard Gabrielle shouting.

She’d kill him, Xena thought running like a mad woman to the door. Her whole body enflamed by rage. Then she felt herself run smack dab into someone.

“What are you going to do Xena,” Ares said standing in front of her.

“Don’t play with me Ares,” Xena said drawing her sword.

“Xena, the best revenge for an act like this is not to tear them apart, but to make them feel the same rage you feel.”

Ares bent down for a kiss. She was ready to knock the god upside the head with the nearest weapon. Then that damn sting shot through her again and she thought, fuck it I’ll fuck him. Then I’ll tell that bard and her ass hole lover that I fucked this bastard and they’d feel the sting, besides if it’s one thing Ares is good at, it’s fucking.

Autolycus sat in his room trying to give himself temporary relief from this maddening erection. He wouldn’t care if there was a nearby willing partner, but everyone seemed so self involved and in this state he was no good at seduction. Damn this was the time a man needed a bordello.

“Need some relief,” a voice said as the goddess in black appeared.

“Discord, what are you doing here,” Autolycus said.

“Doesn’t matter,” Discord answered as she snapped her fingers. The room suddenly resembled a dungeon. Autoylcus was chained and fully exposed to the near nude goddess, who now had a whip in her hand.

“Don’t worry Auto, your mind is going to be blown away tonight.”

Ares had her now. She always had to be under control and she had quickly got him to pleasure her lucious hot pleasure center and the only thing that made him mad was the fact it was hot for Gabrielle, a mortal woman turned her on more than the god of war. Damn, if he didn’t know better he’d think that fucking envy had affected him.

My Zues, Hercules was endowed. If Zues was half the man his son was, no wonder so many women let him impregnate him. But it was more than that, the man inside her now had once been inside of her beloved Xena. And that thought made her want him more and more and more.

Ares loved handing Xena the reins, there was something so hot about her as a powerful warrior and he wanted her to be that. She threw him on the ground and tried to get him to stay still as she rode him to madness. He’d reach up to touch her beautiful anatomy only to have his hands pinned behind him. It took all of him not to lose himself in this sexual power struggle and project the two of them inside that room.

The sensation was to much, Gabrielle was reaching that beautiful high, with Hercules. As she shouted, she heard the echo and then she realized she was in another room. A room where a fully erect Autolycus was feeding on discord’s womanhood and Xena was riding Ares for all she was worth. Had she just fallen from a dream into a nightmare. A nightmare that was getting her hotter by the minute, just watching the violent thrashing between her friend and the god had her all hot again, but Hercules was spent.

“What the hell?” Hercules said as he blinked and realized they were all someplace else.

He turned and saw Xena screaming in ecstasy atop the warrior god, who turned to mock him. His smile was swept away as Xena leaned down to kiss him. The release was coming on fast, faster than Ares wanted it to. But just being next to thing amazing mortal woman had him mad, the wild woman on top of him was like the Xena of old, alive and full of rage. Oh, envy and lust had done an excellent job on her. He could feel the rush and so could she. He exploded into every area of her rage filled body.

“Xena,” she heard Gabrielle say as she fell onto the gods chest. As she lay there catching her breath, the rage grew again. Hercules hadn’t had enough torture yet. She dismounted from the war god and grabbed for the closest weapon, then suddenly lunged at Hercules. Hercules prepared to roll out of her direction when everything froze, except for the two gods.

“What the in Tarturus?” Ares growled.

“Things were just getting interesting,” Discord said staring at the warrior princess.

Cupid appeared before the two.

“Okay, where are they?”

“Right here dad,” the cherubs said.

“I suppose the funs over.”

For you two, definitely, Cupid answered.

“How could you? They’re children, my children,” Cupid said.

“They’re God children,” Ares replied smiling a wicked smile with Discord. “These are the games of Gods.”

“Stay away from them,” Cupid said.

Ares and Discord left. The fun was over and they weren’t in the mood for a speech from young “love and devotion” Cupid.


Autolycus was back in his room thinking the night of S&M with Discord had all been a dream, a damn good dream. So he finished the dream sleeping in utter satisfaction.

Hercules was back alone in his room, waking up from a nightmare it seemed. He shook his head clear, trying to get the image of Xena and Ares out of his head. He got out of bed and decided to go on a run.

Xena lay next to Gabrielle, the way she had every night since they’d met. Lust must have given her an extra charge, because she had to have the girl dressed in the soft nightgown. She leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips. Gabrielle’s eyes began to flutter open.

“Xena,” she moaned softly as she felt her lips.

“I’ve wanted to do this for a long time.”

“I have too, but I was afraid to tell you,” Gabrielle said.

Then there was a sting, another sting. Lust? Any inhibitions melted away and Cupid thought this was a much better use of the cherubs powers. However, he didn’t know what to do with Envy to teach that one a lesson in using your powers to help people experience love.


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