1.3: The Rumor

Act I

(Mick and Mie had met at the library to work on their latest World Studies assignment. )

Mie: We should do some Chinease cuisine for extra credit.

Mick: And where are we going to cook it. Your dad would die, if you came to my house to cook it and he’d find some excuse not to let me in your house.

Mie: Which is so stupid. My dad is crazy. We’ve been working together for almost a month and you’ve been the best partner.

Mick: Thanks. I feel the same way. I never expected to enjoy your company this much, and I’ve been thinking —

(Suddenly Mie heard the cell phone in her pocket ring. Previously, her father had stated that teenagers and cell phones were a bad mix. But suddenly, when she had study dates with Mick, he found them a useful tool for keeping track of his teenage daughter.)

Mie: Hello….Hi dad… okay dad… yes dad… I’m going dad.

(Mie hangs up)

Mick: He wants you home.

Mie: He wants me to pick up my brother from Day Care, claims I said I would do it, I didn’t, but I will. (Mie starts to pack up her stuff) I meant to ask, what are you doing for your birthday?

Mick: My birthday?

Mie: Unless you lied on our getting to know you assignment, it’s October 1. That’s this weekend.

Mick: I didn’t lie, it is. Harold wants to throw me a party.

Mie: You gonna go for it?

Mick: I don’t know, it’ll become his party.

Mie: Well, I’m totally getting you a gift.

Mick: You don’t have to.

Mie: I know that, I want too.

Mick: Okay, but don’t gift me any insects. My mom would totally freak.

Mie: Agreed. And if you decide to have that party, invite me.

Mick: Okay

Mie: Oh, congrats on making the basketball team. You should have told me right away.

Mick: I didn’t think you much cared about basketball.

Mie: I don’t, but I care about my friends getting the things they want. Bye.

(Mie leaves and Mick watched her, wondering how he got so lucky. Fate must have known they belonged together. That’s why they were made partners in this school thing. But he wasn’t sure if she felt the same way or if she was just being nice. )

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