1.4: Secrets

Act I

(Mie knew her dad wouldn’t approve of her being over Mick’s house, but after getting away with sneaking off to be at his party she’d felt a surge of power. So that’s why she felt free to lie again. She told her father she was shopping with Lina. But for all the sneakng around and lies, it was a relatively calm date, they were eating Pizza and playing Scrabble. Honestly, nothing her father had any reason to be alarmed about. But the company – Mick and the location of the date- his bedroom, would have been enough to send his head spinning. But they were only in his room, hiding from the world, because they knew they wouldn’t be able to see each other otherwise. And, of course, they hadn’t yet told Stephany that they were seeing each other.)

Mie: So what’s it like having a sister.

Mick: It’s great, it’s not just having a sister. I’ve never been an older brother before. Now I have someone who looks up to me, someone to be an example for.

Mie: That’s good.

Mick: Mie, are we ever going to tell your parents we hooked up.

Mie: They’re not ready yet. They won’t hear me, they’ll just hear your name and forbid me to see you.

Mick: But, we can’t sneak around forever.

Mie: To be honest, it’s not my parents I’m worried about, it’s Stephany.

Mick: She’ll understand.

Mie: Maybe, but I feel like… like I stole her boyfriend okay.

Mick: I was never her boyfriend.

Mie: You wouldn’t understand, it’s a girl thing. She made it known she liked you and that made you ‘hands off’

Mick: What am I? Property?

Mie: Of course not, it’s just. I’ve known Stephany longer than I’ve known anybody, so I don’t want to lose her over some silly boy situation.

Mick: So I’m silly now.

Mie: No, Mick, it’s the situation that’s silly. I don’t want to be one of those girls who gets so caught up with a guy, she forgets her friends. I like you a whole lot, but I love my friendship with Stephany.

Mick: I just seems crazy to me, we didn’t date, it’s not like I’m her ex.

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