The Marshalls

The Family

Malcom ‘Trax’ Marshall is the parent of the Marshall household. He’s a famous hip hop record producer.

Malcom Marshall grew up in the foster care system. When he was 10, he was put in a group home where he met Jared Phillips. The smallest boys in the group home, they protected each other throughout there childhood. Malcom and Jared were completly loyal to each other, to the point of getting each other in a lot of trouble. They shared a dream of being rappers and making it big in the music bussiness.

Late into their teen years, Trax got a girl pregnant and Sharice came along. Her mother passed away in child birth, so Sharice was raised with her dad and Jared. They were making moves and connections in the music industry, but it wasn’t keeping food on the table so they started dealing drugs to keep the bills paid. Jared had been experimenting since he was young, Malcom (unfortunatly) got caught up in using his own supply. His involvement in his music and drugs made him oblivious to his daughter’s fear of his friend Jared (and the reasons behind her fear).

While living on Kelley Avenue (where Trax got a radio DJ job) Sharice met little Francisco Carr. His best friend had died in a horrible car accident and Sharice seem to connect with him through his pain. Eventually, she confessed all her dads secrets to him (though she swore him to secrecy, especially on the issue of Jared). But a new job offer cause Trax to take his 8 year old away from the security of her best friend, in was a heart wrenching departure and Sharice was never really close to anyone again.

A few years later, Trax’s drug problem finally interphered with his music and he lost a singing group to another, more reliable, manager. He put himself in rehab and met a woman named Wendy (a nurse), who helped him get his life together. He got clean, they got married, and had a daughter named Courtney. Jared hated Wendy, but Trax loved her so much he finally decided if Jared couldn’t deal he could walk away from him. With a real mother in her life for the first time and a little sister, Sharice’s life finally began to feel normal. Jared had been jailed a month after the wedding and his far-to-young-for-him girlfriend had come to Trax crying over her pregnancy. Trax said he’d take care of both her and the baby, but she disappeared a few months after the birth. Jared thanked Trax for taking care of his boy while he was locked up and asked him to be his god-father (Jared was actually Sharice’s god-father, even though she called him ‘uncle’ and didn’t love him as either).

Trax’s happiness seemed to end with the unexpected death of his wife. She got ill quite suddenly and the more she slipped away, the more Trax slipped away from his family. He seem to become the old distant father again once she was gone and Sharice took charge of the house, fullfilling motherly duties with Courtney and Robby. For some reason, Trax decided he wanted a quieter enviorment and moved back to Kelley Avenue. Sharice was thrilled to be going back to her best friend. Little did she know, her family would fall apart again when Jared was released from Prison.

Individual notes

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Malcom “Trax” Marshall
(Action Figure Guy of some sort)

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Sharice “Reese” Elanor Marshall
(AA Barbie by Mattel)

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Courtney Virginia Marshall
(AA Power Wheels Kelly)

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Robert “Robby” Raymond Phillips
(AA Happy Family Ryan)

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Jared Phillips
(‘Star Wars’ Lando action figure)

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