Ron Weasley (Pre-Teen)

Series 1

Finished : February.2005

Original Identity : Hogwarts Heros Ron (Mattel)

JKR’s Specs : A awkwardly tall & lanky kid, blue eyes

Choosing a Weasley : There was no choice, he was already Ron when I started. In fact he was a rare Hogwarts Heroes Ron Weasley that I haunted eBay to win and believe me it was a hard won auction. Hogwarts Heroes Ron is the ONLY Ron Weasley figure available in 1:6 scale made by Mattel. This Ron Weasley figure has gone for up to $150 on eBay in his box. And even gone up to $80 plus dollars out of the box. Yet, one day I went nuts and decided to customize mine, because despite an excellent ‘Year 1 Rupert Grint/Movie Ron’ like face mold there was one big flaw – HIS HAIR. I just plain couldn’t stand the brown hair anymore. I think Mattel was attempting “ginger” with the hair paint, but it just didn’t work!

Making a Weasley : { view face before & body before }

What started out as a simple hair repaint turned into a slighter bigger custom job. Since I was customizing him anyway I thought, why not go for more by-the-book accuracy (even though he was a movie figure)? So then I started the scary task of giving my Ron freckles. But that wasn’t all, the Mattel Ron was a little too, well little. It just seemed wrong for Ron to be as short as Harry and Hermione. The first book mentions 11 year old Ron is almost as tall as his 13 year old older twin brothers and by the second book (at age 12) he’s said to be taller than his mom. In fact, early in his first year at Hogwarts a boy is pointing out the legendary Harry Potter to someone else and says he’s next to the ‘tall boy with red hair’. Tallness is a standout characteristic with Ron and every time I looked at a picture of my Ron doll and my Ginny doll, he seemed too short and somewhat younger than Ginny (because even though they’re on the same type of body, her head seems proportionately larger than his head). This felt wrong, Ron is not only older than Ginny, JKR mentions often that she’s small and he’s tall so there should be a visible height difference even though they are only about 18 months apart. Since it’s constantly pointed out in the book that that physical difference exist I felt, if possible, there should be a visible height difference in the dolls. So I went on a bit of a body search and (thanks to a doll enthusiast & webpal at the time Cheri), I found out about Japan’s Volks dolls/bodies and it became a new body for Ron. I knew about the Volks adult bodies, but was super pleased to discover there was a mini variety suitable for child doll. But of course, it being a taller body his original pants were a little short. So he’s now wearing Bratz Boyz pants. But he still has a child’s body, it’s just a little taller than Harry’s yet not quite as tall as my Weasley twins, giving me a much more accurate to canon, Ron Weasley.

My Thoughts on the Result : I was scared when I started Ron’s makeover, but delighted when I finished it. The improvements I wanted to make to what Mattel started turned out about as well as I could have expected.

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