A Night at Alec’s

[April 2002]

Fandom: Dark Angel
Title: A Night at Alec’s
PenName: EV
Character(s): Asha, Alec, Original Cindy
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Original Cindy drops by Alec’s place and finds Asha there along with many more surprises that she hadn’t bargained for.
Warning(s): female/ female, female/ male, and female/female/male sexual interaction. This is complete and total smut piece that I wrote for no good reason except I wanted to write it. And I thought it was about time poor abused and forgotten (but oh so fine) Asha got to have some fun before her disappearance from Dark Angel-ville. OC’s also been very forgotten in season 2, so it’s good to give her a little fun and Alec is just unjustly abused by that girl, what’s her name, that X5 in the opening credits.
Disclaimer: This story is a fanwork based on characters featured on the TV series Dark Angel. A television series created by James Cameron and Charles H. Eglee.

Original Cindy went through her bag looking for the package that she needed. She couldn’t believe she ended up delivering to Alec of all people.

Alec had claimed to be ill, she didn’t buy it. But Alec got away with murder when it came to Normal, and since Mia’s visit, all the people close to Alec knew why. Not that she could blame Normal, Alec wasn’t exactly hard on the eyes. If she played on the other side of the fence at all, she’d want a taste.

She knocked. Suddenly she heard a splash. He must have been in the tub. She swore she heard a giggle too, a woman’s giggle. Bet she was fine, Alec didn’t pick any dogs. He opened the door with a towel wrapped around his waist and his chest dripping with water. He was one fine, sexy, man, but when she thought about the last step, she couldn’t see herself going through with it. But he was like a wonderful peice of art, there was no way not to at least enjoy looking… even if it was male.

“Cindy, hey, I’m a little busy so…what’s up?” he said.

“Excuse you, Original Cindy come to bring you a package and you treat me like a step child.”

“I got a package?” Alec asked.

“Yes, and Normal wanted me to get it to you right away.”

“All right give it to me,” Alec said sticking out his hand.

Because he had been a little rude when he first came to the door, she thought it would be fun to play with him.

“And what have you been given Normal that makes him want to rush me over here with your package?”

“Don’t even — suggest that — the guy’s like 100 years old –it’s gross.”

“So it’s his age that the problem, not that he’s a him.”

Alec snatched the package and tried to close the door. Cindy was able to slip inside before he did this.

“Boy you know I need a –” Cindy began.

Her speech was interrupted by someone entering. It took Cindy a moment to find her words again when she saw the pretty, pretty naked that is, Asha standing in the middle of Alec’s living room. The 5 foot 9 blond, was gorgeous dressed, but with a bare chest displaying a pair of beautiful perky round breast she was even more lovely. Her pussy was covered by her hand in embarrassment over the fact she had exposed herself like this to the other woman. Original Cindy’s body was flushed with heat.

“Signature,” Cindy finally finished, her eyes still glued to Asha.

Alec smiled to himself a bit. He’s couldn’t help being intrigued by the situation.

“Hey,” Asha said still trying to cover herself with her hands. “I’m sorry I didn’t know.”

Alec walked up to her, covering her with his body and walking her back to the bathroom with a kiss on the cheek.

“Give me a couple minutes,” he whispered.

He walked back to where Original Cindy stood with that still intrigued look in her eye.

“All right, I’ll sign, you’ll go, cool?” Alec asked.

“You and Asha? When?”

“Does when matter?”

“I’m curious,” Original Cindy said. “I thought she had that same little Logan fixation that Max has.”

“She does, but she’s a little more open to possibilities knowing Logan’s obsession is Max.”

“How many possibilities?” Original Cindy asked with that lustful smile. “Oh God,” she said snapping herself back to reality. “I shouldn’t even go there. What the hell is wrong with me?”

“I don’t blame you, she’s –”

“Sign,” Original Cindy demanded shoving her clipboard at him.

He took her clipboard and signed it. Just then Asha came out with her clothes thrown on haphazardly. She was all nervous and flustered, searching the handbag she had brought with her for something. She certainly had that just fucked aura. Original Cindy didn’t think she could look more sexy.

“Asha,” Alec said giving the clipboard to Cindy. “Where you going?”

“Home,” Asha said. “I’m like totally embarrassed now.”

“Don’t be,” Original Cindy said. “You didn’t offend me.”

Asha laughed nervously.

“I’m sorry, I’m making you nervous,” Original Cindy said. “Don’t worry, I’m–”

“I’m not worried,” Asha said nervously. “I mean it’s compliment, right?”

“Right,” Original Cindy said. “How about a little drink before you go? I’m sure Alec has something and I’d hate you to leave all flustered. I’ll even leave if you want.”

“I guess one drink would be good,” Asha said. “You don’t have to leave.. I mean.. you don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

She walked past Alec and Cindy. Alec and Cindy shared a knowing look.

“What are you doing?” Alec asked

“Trying to keep your girl on the hook,” Cindy replied with a wicked grin. In some weird way she and Alec got each other.

“Are we keeping her on the hook for me or for you?”

“Why?” Cindy asked

“Makes no difference to me, as long as I don’t have to go anywhere.”

Alec went in the kitchen and found a bottle of wine he’d taken for payment on a shipment once. If this wasn’t the perfect opportunity to pull out the good stuff, he didn’t know what was.


Asha, Alec, and Cindy were relaxed and talking about any and everything within hours. Asha had forgotten she wanted to leave, Cindy had forgotten she was suppose to be back at work, but Alec hadn’t forgotten his goal. So far, so good. Both women were laughing together.

“I honestly don’t know what it is about Logan,” Asha said. “He’s just so–I don’t know.”

“You women have been brainwashed by that whole knight in shinning armor thing. And Logan lives by his little knightly code,” Alec entered annoyed.

“Original Cindy ain’t been brainwashed by nothing,” Cindy replied. “Except that whole bad girl thing, which was a total mistake.”

“I think we all go through that bad–whatever phase,” Asha said.

“Is that what you’re doing now?” Original Cindy said obviously referring to Alec.

Asha eyes met Alec’s. “Maybe,” Asha said with a smile. “I don’t know.”

“I can’t blame you,” Cindy said. “Look at him, everything you straight girls love.”

“So you think he’s hot?” Asha asked.

Alec hadn’t expected the conversation to lead here. He knew Original Cindy wanted Asha and as long as he could watch, he didn’t care. But was it possible to have Original Cindy too? That wine was really working well.

“Maybe, if you’re into that sort of thing,” Cindy replied.

“Have you ever kissed a guy?”

“When I was 15. I had a guy friend.”

“Okay, let me rephrase, have you ever kissed a man?”

“No, Have you ever kissed a woman?”

“No,” Asha replied. “I never really thought about it. I mean beyond the kiss what can two women do?”

“You’d be surprised.”

“I probably would,” Asha replied with teasing grin.

“How about you try one and she tries the other,” Alec suggested.

The two women looked at each other, then laughed.

“I’m just talking about a kiss,” he explained.

“Like we don’t know who would benefit from that,” Asha said.

“I think all of us would,” Alec said.

The two women looked at each other then at Alec.

“Aiight, it’s just a kiss, I’m in,” Cindy said.

“Well come on then?” Alec said.

“Not unless she’s in,” Cindy said referring to Asha.

Asha ran her finger around the tip of the glass.

“Okay. . .I’ll try it,” Asha said. “You two are going first right?”

“Whatever,” Original Cindy said. She stood up and so did Alec.

They approached each other cautiously.

“Give me a sec,” she said. She exhaled and took a deep breath. “Aiight.”

Alec leaned in and took control of the kiss. He hardly took his time, before she could think his tongue was challenging hers to meet it. It was just a means to an end, she didn’t really think there was anything there to enjoy. But the differences in the man’s kiss were somewhat erotic, more so after the alcohol. He had a strong manly, musky smell, but the wine had clouded her senses making the smell somehow . . . sensual. And what began as a sloppy kiss gave her a bit of a buzz. She enjoyed the feel of the his big hands, the taste of his lips, the whoa–she hadn’t expected that rise downstairs. She broke contact.

“That’s enough big boy,” Original Cindy said.

Asha got up and took a deep breath.

“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you,” Cindy said.

Asha half smiled. Alec had just dived in, Original Cindy took it slow giving Asha a gentle touch on the lips with her own. She ran a tongue over the soft lips. Asha lips slowly opened to meet hers and kept up with her slowly intensifying kiss. It was so smooth, so gentle, so graceful Asha barely realized how much the kiss deepened. Kissing Alec had been semi-erotic, different, but it didn’t change what really got her going. The scent, feel, and taste of a woman. This had definitely been the highlight of the evening for Original Cindy.

“All right,” Alec said breaking the women up. “Enough.”

“That was –” Asha began a little flustered. “Interesting.”

Original Cindy smiled to herself.

“Do you want some time alone?” Alec asked the women.

“Don’t be silly,” Asha said.

“Is it silly?” Original Cindy asked.

“It was just a kiss,” Asha replied.

“It could be more if you want.”

“I’m up for anything,” Alec entered. His presence would not be forgotten if he had anything to say about it.

Asha looked from Alec to Cindy.

“We’ve creeped her out,” Cindy said. “I’ll leave.” Cindy started toward the door.

“Don’t,” Asha said. Cindy stopped. “I mean…wow, you really know how to kiss.”

Cindy turned around and smiled. “You sure you down?”

Alec watched Asha.

“I guess everything’s worth trying once,” Asha said.

Alec was happy to sit back and watch as Cindy approached Asha and engaged her in another kiss. There was something about watching the women share gentle touches. Within seconds it seemed like they forgot he was there and he didn’t mind.

Cindy’s hands took there time moving under Asha’s wrinkled shirt, a shirt Alec removed himself a couple hours ago. Asha’s hands were a little reluctant to undress the other woman. Cindy stepped back.

“I’ll do it,” Cindy said beginning to unbutton her own shirt.

“No,” Asha said putting a hand over hers. “Let me.”

Asha moved slowly, taking her time with each button, kissing the other woman’s chest as each bit of beautiful brown skin was revealed. All the way down to her stomach, at which time she paused and laughed a bit. Original Cindy pulled her up and kissed her again as Asha helped her out of the shirt. Alec was pleased to see the shapely brown upper body emerge from the shirt slowly. He couldn’t avoid satisfying his own aroused state any longer, the view was unbelievable. He couldn’t believe he thought it was an inconvenience when Original Cindy stopped by.

Original Cindy felt Asha quickly get into the swing of things. Her hands were still a little unsure, but daring. Her touch was one of mixed wanting and confusion. She dared to remove Cindy’s bra and then loosen Cindy’s pants and slip them off. She let her hand trace it’s way up Cindy’s body until she was standing again. Her generous brown bosom was larger than Asha’s. For a few seconds she just enjoyed looking at an caressing the beautiful breast, seeing the contrast of her skin against that of the black woman along with the nice roundness of the breast.

“Your gorgeous,” Asha said. “Didn’t think…I mean I never thought.”

“It’s okay,” Cindy said slipping off Asha’s frumpled pants.

Asha had obviously decided not to put on her panties on the the way out or she hadn’t worn any, because Original Cindy found a bare pussy — completely bare, she shaved down there.

“This is so fucking sexy girl,” she said touching her bare pussy gently, it was already wet with anticipation. Asha shivered as her pussy responded to the touch. “And sensitive too?”

She walked her over to the couch and sat her down. Original Cindy kissed her lips, her shoulder, and then traced her way down to her breast. Alec came and sat beside Asha on the couch. He took her lips in his as Original Cindy traveled further down. Alec’s big hands claimed her breast. His mouth took over enticing her breast as she gasped feeling Cindy’s fingers inside her. She was a human sex toy and she loved it. She was caught in-between falling hard and rising high. When Cindy’s tongue touched her pussy, when she sucked on her clit, she thought for sure she was going to fall apart. Especially with Alec’s added touch, his lips pulling on her nipples. Both of them could hear her whispering “oh fuck” between moans. She exploded in Cindy’s face and the woman lapped at her juices. Alec brought his face down and dared to kiss Original Cindy tasting Asha on her lips. It was beautifully erotic.

Then they began to share her pussy and she couldn’t believe it. She built up to another orgasm far too soon after her first and she came even harder this time. She couldn’t remember a moment when she was more satisfied. After that it took a few moments for Asha to find herself again.


It was Asha who initiated contact again, kissing Original Cindy deeply. She slowly moved downward, touching the other woman’s breast, kissing them, as her hand found Alec’s member. She became the aggressor as she slowly slid to the floor and had her two lovers move closer together to give her better access to them. She moved her mouth over to Alec’s cock, slowly licking up his shaft before taking him in her mouth. Just seeing Asha’s mouth at work had Original Cindy hot and she was begging for Asha to finger fuck her harder, for her hands had taken over when her mouth had transferred. After awhile, she switched again, giving one her hand to one and the other her mouth. Being manipulated by the same woman, Alec and Cindy hardly thought about what they were doing when they claimed each other’s lips, their bodies caught in the moment, there minds swept away. And they peaked together, Alec all over Asha’s breast, Original Cindy all over her fingers.

Original Cindy looked forward just in time to see the woman tasting her fingers.

“Now I know why men love it so much,” Asha said. “Now I know why you do?”

“You whore,” Original Cindy said more as a joke than anything as she cupped her face. “You’ve fucking done this before.”

Asha blushed. “Well, I’ve been with a couple girls and a lot of guys, but never one of each at the same time. So I haven’t done THIS before, it was my first threeway.”

“But that little shy nervous act was game,” Original Cindy said.

“What?” Alec said, only now catching up with the conversation.

“She wanted it,” Cindy said, her eyes locked with Asha’s. “Coming out here naked, the broken speech, all game.”

“Was it a bad thing? “Asha asked.

“Not for me,” Cindy said pulling her close and tasting herself and Alec on the woman’s lips.

“Certainly not for me,” Alec said giving each girl a short kiss, the taste of each other mingled by their tongues and lips.

“The night’s still young,” Original Cindy said.

They all smiled at each other and spent the rest of the night entertaining each other.

The next morning, after sharing a bath while Alec slept, Asha and Original Cindy left Alec’s apartment.

“I think we wore solider boy out,” Asha said.

Original Cindy laughed. “If you ever want to, you know, get together.”

“I don’t know,” Asha said. “I mean I was curious about the whole threesome thing.”

“And now your fantasy has been fulfilled.”


“What else could you possibly want?”

“It’s going to sound weird to you.”

“What? I mean come on, we did some shit last night that most people wouldn’t believe.”

“Well,” Asha hesitated. “I always wondered if me — a guy and well another guy, where the guys went both ways. You know.”

Original Cindy laughed. “I can’t help you with that one. But if you ever want a three-way minus all males, call me.”

With a hug, they parted and headed in opposite directions. Original Cindy paused and turned back around.

“Asha,” Cindy yelled back. Asha turned back.

“Anything I can help you out with, anything, call.”

Asha smiled, nodded, and continued on her way. Original Cindy did the same hoping she would call.



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