The Beautiful Ones

[April 2001]

Fandom: Dark Angel
Title: The Beautiful Ones
PenName: Dawn Kelley
Character(s): Normal, Logan, Max, Original Cindy, Madam X, Sketchy
Paring(s): Normal/Kendra
Rating: PG
Summary: Max encounters a Doctor from her Manticore past and has an unexpected Family reuinion. Meanwhile, Kendra must pacify a love sick Normal when he falls for her.
Notes: This was actually part of a class assignment in a ‘writing for TV class’. I started this script before “Female Trouble” aired and tried to ajust it to new information on Manticore along the way.It was completed before “I and I am Camera” aired so I added Madam X before I even saw her in action.Kendra was living with Max when I started the outline, but when she later moved out I was forced to adjust the storyline again
Disclaimer: This story is a fanwork based on characters featured on the TV series Dark Angel. A television series created by James Cameron and Charles H. Eglee.


               FADE IN:

               INT.MAX’S BEDROOM – DAY

               MAX walks into her bedroom shaking, maintaining her balance
               by holding on to the dresser in front of her. She opens the
               drawer. Quickly she tosses clothing all over the room, trying
               to get at her pills. She finally pulls out a bottle of
               Tryptophan. She struggles to keep her hand steady as she
               places a couple pills in her mouth, then she slides to the
               floor shaking and grips her knees.

                                     MAX (V.O.)
                         One day I know it’s not going to be
                         enough. One day I know I won’t be
                         able to get a hold of Tryptophan or
                         a glass of milk and the seizure will
                         kill me. Or I’ll have Tryptophan and
                         it won’t be enough to stop it.

               FLASH CUTS

               The MANTICORE CHILDREN standing in front of their beds in
               the barracks, all wearing the same plain gown, girls and
               boys all having the same buzz cut, barcodes on their necks
               clearly visible.

               JACK falls to the floor in the grips of a seizure.

               The Manticore SOLDIERS grab him and dragging him away.

                                     MAX (V.O.)(CONT’D)
                         When my seizures get bad like this,
                         I don’t know what’s worse, dying
                         like my brother or going back to
                         Manticore to save my sorry genetically
                         engineered life. Sure we all said
                         we’d rather die than go back there…

               FLASH CUT

               Young Max in bed staring at her own shaky hand.

                                                               DISSOLVE TO:

               Max staring at her hand in the present day.

                                     MAX (V.O.)
                         But when push came to shove and a
                         life was really on the line, Brin
                         chose Manticore over death and we
                         let her go. If Manticore was my only
                         hope for survival, would I be any
                         different from my sister?

               INT.JAM PONY X-PRESS – DAY

               Max enters Jam Pony pushing her bike. As usual, Jam Pony is
               popping with activity, but little of this activity is actually
               work related. Max meets ORIGINAL CINDY at her locker.

                                     ORIGINAL CINDY
                         Hey, Boo, Kendra still crashing at
                         our place?

                         Yeah, she says she’s going to let
                         Walter sweat it out a couple more
                         days before she forgives him. But
                         there’s plenty of room if Logan’s ex
                         is sick of you.

                                     ORIGINAL CINDY
                         Daphne, her name is Daphne. And Suga
                         is still hot for Original Cindy, but
                         Original Cindy don’t want to over do
                         it. It’s rare for me to find a lickity
                         chick with such deep pockets and
                         fine on top of that.

                         Well I’m happy for you.

                                     ORIGINAL CINDY
                         You’re just happy she’s away from
                         your honey.

               NORMAL walks up to the women carrying a package.

                                     NORMAL (TO WOMEN)
                         Cut the girl talk and lets get some
                         work done.

               Normal hands Max a package.

                         Catch you later.

                                     ORIGINAL CINDY
                         A’ight Boo.

               Max gets her bike and exits Jam Pony.


               DR. QUINCE THOMAS, 40, rushes around his apartment while
               talking on the phone. He’s looking through drawers and under
               the couch for something. He’s sweating and is visibly on
               edge. It’s obvious Quince hasn’t been living at the apartment
               long. the apartment is only supplied with the basics and
               mildly furnished.

                                     QUINCE (ON PHONE)
                         I’m sorry. . . .yes I know you have
                         connections that extend outside of
                         San Francisco. . . .no, I didn’t
                         think I could hide in Seattle…
                         Yes, within a few days you will have
                         the correct files.

               Quince finally finds what he’s looking for. Medical records
               which he pulls from a drawer in a desk. The doorbell RINGS
               and he shoves the files back in the drawer.

                                     QUINCE (ON PHONE)
                         I have to go, but I promise, you’ll
                         have your files before the day is

               Quince hangs up and breaths a sigh of relief. The doorbell
               RINGS again.

                                     MAX (O.S.)
                         Jam Pony Messenger.


               Quince opens the door. Max is there. He immediately grabs
               for the  package. He looks up at Max as he signs for it.
               They both regard each other with curious looks for a moment.
               Quince then breaks the trance and goes back out into is
               apartment. He rushes to open the package and the contents
               spill out on the floor: More medical records and pictures of
               the Manticore children.

               Quince leans down to pick up the pictures.

                         Oh, my beautiful babies.

               Quince quickly picks up the photos. At the bottom of the
               pile is Max’s Wanted Poster. He pauses as he lifts it off
               the floor.

                         It was her.

               Quince runs to the door and looks around, but Max is gone.

               CUT TO


               Max looks back at the building, her face still puzzled. She
               shrugs, gets on her bicycle and rides away.

                                                                   FADE OUT

                                     END OF TEASER

                                         ACT ONE

               FADE IN:

               EXT.SEATTLE STREETS — DAY

               Max rides her bike down the street, the puzzled look on her
               face has not gone away.

                                                               DISSOLVE TO:


               Young Max enters the lab room, she looks toward a doctor,
               but all we see are his hands. It is obvious the big hands
               belong to a man. He gestures towards the table and Max goes
               to the table and slides up on it. The Doctor puts his hand
               on young Max’s cheek.

                         How’s my beautiful little girl today?

               MAX’S POV.

               PULL BACK from hands and we see the Doctor in Max’s flashback
               is Quince Thomas.

                                                               DISSOLVE TO:

               EXT.SEATTLE STREETS — DAY

               Max stops her bike, turns around and heads in the other


               Max is sitting beside Logan as he types search criteria into
               the computer.

                         The name on the package was Josh
                         Yeilding, but it probably wasn’t his
                         real name.

                              (focused on his
                         You sure this guy is from Manticore?

                         Yeah, I’d remember the only guy in a
                         white lab coat that didn’t torture
                         us. He seemed to do all the little
                         things.  Taking blood, Checking us
                         out after our training exercises,
                         your basic pediatric duties.

                              (as he types)
                         He made sure Manticore’s genetically
                         enhanced killing machines remained
                         in tip top shape after their test

                         Yeah, but it was more than that. It
                         seemed like he really cared. I know
                         it sounds weird, because Manticore
                         wasn’t big on affection, but it was
                         almost like he loved us.
                              (she smiles)
                         He use to call me his beautiful little

                         Were you a favorite of his or

                                                               DISSOLVE TO:


               Young Max slides off of a doctor’s table as Jondy enters the
               room. Max turns back for a moment and sees Dr. Quince’s hand
               go to Jondy’s cheek the way it had her own just moments

                                     QUINCE (TO JONDY)
                         Hello beautiful

               Young Max touches her own cheek.

                                                               DISSOLVE TO:

               INT.STUDY — DAY

               Adult Max touches her cheek with a far away look in her eyes.
               Logan looks at her curiously, obviously confused by this

                                     MAX (SMILING)
                         I remember him saying it to Jondy
                         too. He was like that with all of

                                     LOGAN (TURNING TO MAX)
                         No offense Max, but this guy sounds
                         a little creepy to me.  How can you
                         be sure he wasn’t some closet

                         Oh yeah, he must have a sick mind
                         because he treated us like human
                         beings and called us beautiful instead
                         of soldier.

                         I’m just saying we have to tread
                         lightly when dealing with Manticore
                         personnel. You know what happened
                         last time.

                                     MAX (ANGRY)
                         And whose fault was that?

                         He might be an agent for Lydecker.

                         If he was, I would be back at
                         Manticore now, or dead. Besides, he
                         seemed to hate Lydecker as much as
                         we did.  And I have to face facts,
                         as much as I loathe Manticore, a
                         Manticore Doctor may be my only hope.

                                     LOGAN (CONCERNED)
                         Are you okay?

                         My last seizure was really bad. And
                         I keep thinking, if it doesn’t kill
                         me, some other wire in my twisted
                         genetic code will probably become
                         faulty. At least I have a sliver of
                         trust where this guy’s concerned.
                         All I need is for you to tell me if
                         he’s on the level or not.

                         I’ll see what I can find.

                         Good, while you do that, I’ll scope
                         out his place. Page me if you find

               Max gets up and walks out the door.

                              (yelling after her)
                         Be careful.

               EXT.LOGAN’S BUILDING — DAY

               Max walks out of the building. She rolls her bike to a pay
               phone and dials a number.

               INT.JAM PONY X-PRESS — DAY

               The phone rings in Jam Pony. Original Cindy is nearby joking
               with HERBAL and SKETCHY. She goes to answer the phone.

                                     ORIGINAL CINDY (ON PHONE)
                         Jam Pony


                         Hey Cindy, I won’t be back in today.
                         Can you cover me?

                                     ORIGINAL CINDY
                         You a‘ight Boo? Should I be checkin’
                         the news waiting for a mention of
                         Black helicopters?

                         That shouldn‘t be a problem. You
                         remember my condition.

                                     ORIGINAL CINDY
                         How can a sister forget?

                         Well, I found a guy that might be
                         able to help me with it.

                                     ORIGINAL CINDY
                         Than do your thang gurl, Original
                         Cindy got your back. Ain’t nothin’
                         to good for my boo.

                         A’ight, I gotta blaze.

               Max hangs up the phone and rides off on her bike.


               Quince sits on his couch sorting out photos. He has two stacks
               on the table, one for males and one for females. Max’s wanted
               poster is in the middle. He picks up girl photo after girl
               photo comparing it to the wanted poster. Finally his hand
               comes to rest on Max’s childhood headshot. He seems satisfied
               that he’s made a match. He then leans back and smiles.

                              (to himself)
                         One of my beautiful girls. I remember
                         you now, barcode 332960073452. How
                         could I have let you get away? You’ve
                         come to help me build my utopia
                         haven’t you? Somehow you know I need

               We hear a window slide open and see a man’s feet step on the
               floor behind Quince.  The MYSTERIOUS MAN is wearing dark
               jeans with a flame running up the leg.

               He slowly approaches Quince from behind and reaches for him.
               He approaches the couch as if he’s about to strangle Quince,
               but he just rest his hands on the other man‘s shoulders.

               Quince jumps. He turns toward the man afraid of what he’ll
               see. We never see the face of the man he’s looking at, but
               we see Quince give a sigh of relief.

                         You mustn’t do that to me my boy.

               He turns back toward the pictures of Max.

                         Soon my beautiful, we will have
                         exactly what we need to move forward.
                         I need you to find her while I get
                         rid of these thugs.

               Quince hands the man behind him the pictures of Max. He leans
               down to put the other pictures back into a pile. He pulls
               out a briefcase and puts the pictures inside, then turns
               back to where the man was, but he’s gone.

               INT.JAM PONY X-PRESS — DAY

               Normal sits behind the front counter of Jam Pony. A BALD MAN
               comes in and walks over to the counter.

                                     BALD MAN
                         I need to check on a package I sent
                         out earlier today. Was it delivered?

                         Do you have the slip?

               The Bald Man shows him a slip. Normal looks at it. He pulls
               out a clipboard and goes down his list.

                              (to himself)
                         Max, great, the amazing disappearing

               Sketchy rolls into Jam Pony on his bike. He nearly knocks
               over the Man at the front desk. He is thrown off balance
               trying to swerve away from him. He falls.

                         Idiot, I told you no riding inside

               Sketchy gets up off the floor.

                              (to Bald Man)
                         Sorry dude.

                              (to Bald Man)
                         This is what happens when you work
                         with children.
                              (to Sketchy)
                         Have you seen Max?

                              (thinks to himself a
                         Um, I believe Max is a part of a
                         secret government–

                         Yeah, never mind.

               Herbal catches wind of the question and approaches Normal.

                         Last I ‘eard, Max was on ‘all, Mon.

                                     NORMAL (TO SKETCHY)
                         She’s always on call, everywhere but

               Original Cindy joins the on-going conversation and comes up
               to Normal.

                                     ORIGINAL CINDY
                         Max isn‘t feeling to well. She told
                         me to tell you she’d see you tomorrow.

                                     BALD MAN
                         I just want to know if my package
                         was delivered?

                         Did she say if she made the drop.

                                     ORIGINAL CINDY
                         Of course she did. Max always takes
                         care of her business.

                                     BALD MAN
                              (grabbing Original
                              Cindy‘s arm)
                         Are you sure it was delivered?

               Original Cindy gives him a death stare and pulls her arm

                                     ORIGINAL CINDY
                         You ever touch Original Cindy like
                         that again, you gonna get a smack

               She raises her hand to the man and Herbal grabs her arm.

               A CHEER raises up behind the group of people at the front
               counter. Normal, Original Cindy, Herbal, Sketchy, and Bald
               Man all turn toward it. A YOUNG WOMAN is performing bike
               stunts on the counter in the back of the room.

                                     HERBAL (TO ORIGINAL CINDY)
                         Think the ’oman gettin’ betta deen
                         Sketchy ‘ere.

                                     ORIGINAL CINDY
                         Hell yeah, that chicky got skillz.

               Original Cindy and Herbal clap for the girl and join in the
               cheers. Sketchy goes to grab his own bike and tries to take
               over the crowd.

                                     BALD MAN (ANGRY)
                         This place isn’t a business it’s a

                                     NORMAL (TO BALD MAN)
                         I’m sorry Sir, I’ll find out about
                         your package and call you soon.

                                     BALD MAN (TO NORMAL)
                         Don’t bother, I’ll never deal with
                         this place again.

               The Bald Man leaves in a huff.

               EXT.JAM PONY X-PRESS — DAY

               The bald man pulls out a cell phone and he dials a number.

                                     BALD MAN
                         Yeah boss, I checked. I’m not sure
                         if the package is on the messenger
                         or with that crazy Doctor. I say
                         follow the bug and see where it leads.

               INT.JAM PONY X-PRESS — DAY

               Normal, angry at this point, comes from behind his counter
               and goes up to the employees cheering at and performing the
               bike stunts.

                                     NORMAL (TO EMPLOYEES)
                         The next person who treats this place
                         like a skate park doesn’t have a

               The crowd calms and the games end.

               Normal turns his back to the crowd and goes heads toward his

               As soon as his back is turned, the cheers begin again.

               Normal walks up to Original Cindy.

                         And the next person who threatens a
                         client may not have a job either.

                                     ORIGINAL CINDY
                         This body is not made for a man’s
                         hands and anybody that touches it
                         without permission is getting a smack

                         Well, I’m going to ask that you to
                         take a more civil approach to our
                         clientele while you’re in charge.

                                     ORIGINAL CINDY

                         I’m going to find Max and see if
                         she’s completed her run.

                                     ORIGINAL CINDY
                         And you’re leaving me in charge?

                         Well despite what just happened, you
                         did do a better job of keeping order
                         than that idiot.

               He points to Sketchy.

               ANGLE ON

               Sketchy, who is now entertaining the employees by smashing
               cans on his head.

               BACK TO SCENE

                                     ORIGINAL CINDY
                         Original Cindy is truly touched.

                         Well don’t be, as it stands I simply
                         consider you the lesser of two evils.

               Original Cindy is taken aback as Normal drops his headset in
               her hands and exits Jam Pony.

               When Normal’s gone, Cindy goes up to the phone and dials.

                                     ORIGINAL CINDY
                         Boo, please answer your page.


               Max’s pager beeps. She looks down at it. She is currently
               sitting outside the building. We see Max has traded her work
               clothes and bicycle for a black outfit and her precious
               motorcycle, a NINJA 650.

                              (as she looks at pager)
                         Sorry Original Cindy, I‘ll hit you
                         back later.

               Max turns back toward the building.

               She looks up into Quince’s window. Using her enhanced sight,
               her eyes ZOOM IN on the apartment a few feet above.

               MAX’S POV

               She looks at Quince’s Window. Quince is pacing back and forth
               and has some type of papers in his hand.


               A young man down the street from Max. We don‘t see his face,
               but his dark jeans with the flame on the side indicating
               it‘s the same guy who was in Quince‘s place. He pulls Max‘s
               picture out of his pocket and looks at it.

               REVERSE ANGLE

               We see the mysterious man’s face for the first time. He’s
               around twenty years old with a handsomely carved flawless
               face. His eyes are fierce, cold and distant despite his
               handsome features. He turns back toward Max.

               BACK TO SCENE

               Max’s pager goes off again.

                              (looking at her pager)
                         Logan, finally.

               She looks around and sees a pay phone. She walks to the pay
               phone and dials.

               While Max is on the phone and turned away from the building,
               Quince exits. He’s gripping his briefcase for dear life.
               Quince looks around for a moment and then darts away.

               The Mysterious Max watches Quince flee and smiles to himself,
               then turns back to Max who has hung up the phone and is now
               mounting her motorcycle. She speeds off.

               The Mysterious Man walks into the parking lot of the building
               and comes out riding a green motorcycle. He follows Max.

                                                                  FADE OUT

                                                              END ACT  ONE

DZ – April 2001

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