The Fletchers

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The Family

The Parent in the Fletcher household is Kasey Fletcher. She’s a gynecologist and has a daughter named Lina Gaby Fletcher and a son named Rocky Edward Fletcher.

Kasey thought she was doing things right, after a high school boyfriend proved to be more of an annoying distraction than progress, she focused on working her way through school. And that focus took her all the way through high school and into College, right into medical school. She was an intern when she met Darion Fletcher. He was a struggling writer and seemed to be as focused on his work as she was and Kasey thought she had found love with him. They got married and within a month, Kasey got
pregnant. Unfortunately, her husband died in a plane crash before Lina Gaby was born. Kasey moved to Kelley Avenue with her daughter once she completed her
internship. She worked as hard as a single parent as she always had in her life.

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Kasey’s great aunt passed away the summer Lina was fourteen and Kasey found herself in charge of the surviving estate. Kasey and her daughter were away from Kelley Avenue for a year while Kasey got things in order. Lina Gaby spent this year away from home going to a new school because her mother didn’t want to interrupt her school year by having her switch back to her home school in the middle of the year. Everyone was surprised when Lina Gaby came home that summer with a two month old brother.

According to Kasey, she got into a relationship with a man, Edward, who left her the second he found out she was pregnant. What most don’t know is Kasey’s story isn’t exactly true.

Individual notes

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Kasey Fletcher
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Lina Gaby Fletcher
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Rocky Edward Fletcher
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