Stop Motion Lego Movie Trailers

Tis the month to focus completely on stop motion.

More fun Stop Motion inspiration found online. Movie trailer re-creations in lego…

Harry Potter

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More Excellent Stop-Motion work worth sharing

This film is by Kyle Roberts who has a website Reckless Abandonment Pictures.

It features a dance off between Michael Jackson and Wall-E.

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Harry Potter Tonner Dolls

So they’re ridiculously expensive and I would never buy them, but how cute is the Harry Potter Tonner doll collection. I use to be annoyed that they were movie based dolls, but Tonner has really gone so far beyond anything Mattel would have embraced in their doll collection. I like my Weasley doll family because they’re mine, but I respect the craftmansship that has gone into this doll collection.

Really Funny Barbie Stop-Motion Video

Found this while researching stop-motion. Thought it was cute.

Seriously…. Star Gentle Uterus

So I’ve been making my way through Sailor Moon series (I’ve had so many people talk about it in my various geek circles, that I gave it a go). So I’m on the ‘Sailor Stars’ (final) season. And there’s these Starlights and one of their power calls is “Star Gentle Uterus”. What? Especially since these Starlights are men when they are not powered up. Just silly. Why am I watching this show? I guess because I find Usagi entertaining. Thank goodness for a good hero.

So Much Done, so much more to do…

Wow this is a job, even with the powerful mostly WYSIWYG editing capabilities WordPress is giving me. There’s so much Harry Potter content on here already, you’d think I was going for a Harry Potter site. I’m not, but the URL is and I can’t deny it’s influence on a lot of the site. Anyway, I got a couple photo stories up and the Weasley Doll pages. I’m starting to see the structure come together. Had to remind myself of a few coding tricks in order to get a few things on the site to do what I want. Not to mention, learning how useful the wordpress plug-in site is. WordPress is really a gift. I love how this site is coming together.

EDIT: Added Links to my student film projects, so far, in the Learning Portfolio. Reboot

Building a new site using the WordPress Platform. We will see how it all turns out. Very much in the process of creation right now. So if you stumble across this site while it’s ‘in progress’, keep in mind that it is in progress.

More random thoughts on Sailor Moon…as I enter season three (otherwise known as “S”)

I’m in the third season of sailor moon now and everyone I know who watches anime and has been happy to find out I’m finally watching Sailor Moon is all about me seeing this lesbian couple that appears in Sailor Moon “S”. Only Haruka and Michiru haven’t spun my head the way people have expected I guess. I don’t like Sailor Moon’s new wand transformation & attack for example. And the cry “lovely” by the latest monsters, the Daimons, is kind of corny. “Refresh” sounded better and sort of like the also used “cleansing” when Sailor moons magic wand “cleaned” a “monster” away where as “lovely” is just… silly. On top of that, all these ‘heart stealing’ curvy female monsters seem to hide their heart pullers in some very revealing places (Boobs, upper thigh, cleavage). This has just been a very sexual season. I’m waiting for someone to lift up a skirt before attempting to extract a heart crystal.

I will say the gender confusion created by Haruka has been the center of some funny episodes (She is to Sailor Moon what Shane was in the “L” word). So far it seems only Ami would like femmes if she were gay as my favorite episode so far is the one where she and Michiru get into it in the pool (hey, if people can interpret a relationship between Mars and Venus in the live action story line, I can embrace the possiblity Mercury had a brief thing for Neptune). Don’t know quite what to say about the Haruka thing in general, despite the fact she was suppose to be the coolest thing ever in Season 3 (S). However, the girls like her for the reasons straight girls consider “Shane” of the L-Word the type of girl that could turn them gay. It’s a girl that reminds them of a boy. So while I enjoy the fun of the androgyny of Haruka in the Sailors world, especially the episode where Jupiter’s desires were in question – while knowing Haruka’s gender (mostly because “I really admire her” was the excuse I used before I came out myself). That was an episode that really made me go “maybe Jupiter is…”. I know, she just want to be like her… in the “I’m cool with the way I am” way.

Mind you I haven’t seen the “corrupted” english versions where lovers became cousins. Well, I have, but it was a cartoon that bypassed me in any invested way as a young person. However, now I would be amused to see how they cover up some stuff, even from the first season.

How stupid are the sailor moon characters?

No one reads this livejournal anyway, so here’s a place to rant. So I finally reach the ‘visit to the future’ part of the crystal Tokyo story arc of sailor moon. In the first season it was silly enough that these girls wore no mask nor did they attempt to disguise themselves in any way yet their human identities were ‘secret’, but I suspended my disbelief and blamed it on a magical effect of some sort. But now they’ve reached crystal Tokyo and are speaking to ‘king’ Endymion, every clue in the world has been dropped about Chibi-Usia’s liniage and yet the sailor warriors visit the future and go ‘wow, they have our names. what could this mean?’ Seriously?

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I have returned with Reflections on Sailor Moon

So I just started watching the Sailor Moon anime. And I interrupted my regular anime Sailor Moon programing (I’ve reached the crystal tokyo story arc of season two/sailor moon R) to check out the live action series which looked super cheesy. I thought it would give me a laugh, it did.

Don’t know who’s seen the live action Sailor Moon, but it’s adorable. It’s like the original Power Rangers, but with all cute girls. I still think Mars/Rei is the hottest (animated or live-action). But the girl that plays Jupiter is pretty hot too. Nice blend of softness meets tomboy. Mercury/Ami just inspires the urge to hug. The jury is still out on Venus/Minako. The only thing I don’t like so far is Luna & Artemis in stuffed toy/super horrible CGI format. The monsters are kinda weak in animation, so I can forgive the live form for the silly monster suits (like I said, no worse than power rangers). Despite the series being very much a child of the bubblegum pop music era (down to making Minako/Sailor Venus an actual pop music star who’s music populates the series) there’s something redeamingly sweet about the series. I really like the girl who plays Usagi/ Sailor Moon. She’s as goofy/sweet/lost/loveable as her animated counterpart. There are severe weaknesses it the live action series, but it’s slowly carving a special place in my heart.

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