Weight Loss

So I’ve loss my first 5lbs within my first month of Chalean Extreme (this is my second round of the program and it’s always given me succcess when I use it properly). It’s got me thinking again about weight-loss as a bussiness and how it often fails the customer by first being unrealistic and second making the ‘science’ of weight loss sound more complicated than it is. While Beachbody has great products for home exercise and fitness, even the infomercials play on unrealistic expectations. Often people with HUGE weightless and significant success have done the beachside programs for more then the first 30, 60, 90 days.

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It’s Working

I lost 5lbs! Yup, started a Chalean extreme exercise cycle about a month ago. I am now 5lbs lighter. Not much, I know. But I’m happy to know changes are coming.

My sci-fi script Rachel West also lives again. My unfinished Rachel West script has been moving forward thanks to some motivating words on writing from Josh Weadon in an article I read. One word in particular. Finish. The best book/movie script/play in the world is worth nothing if left unfinished. And as Chalene Johnson says in ‘Extreme Motivation’ – fit people ‘do’, they don’t wait for things to be done for them. ‘Doing’ applies to more than just exercise, I make it my thought on life in general. The weight won’t disappear on it’s own and the script won’t finish itself. If you want something you ‘do’ everything to get it and no matter how big the goal, there’s always some small next step you can take to make it a reality.

Will the app work

So I gave up have up having a smart phone (my phone makes calls and text, that is all) and got a wifi tablet  (a Dell streak tablet running Honeycomb) at a pretty good deal and I’m writing this post on the Android app, which is pretty cool. So this post is mostly to test that. I have been working away on my stop motion film, but pay-work is at the moment slowing the process of art to a crawl.

However I have been exercising a lot, thinking of starting a video blog or something on that.

Adobe Premiere vs. Final Cut

So I’m editing a project in Final Cut today and I really don’t understand the Final Cut Fan Boys, Premiere is soooo much better that I wish I had skipped buying a Mac and just invested in a nice Windows Computer that could run Premiere. However, this way I can run Final Cut Express if I have to and bring it into Final Cut Pro at school if I’m sharing a project with Final Cutters. (The Film Program I’m in is FCP7). I personally really like Adobe for one HUGE reason, when I’m trying to get a BASIC editing project set upin the timeline, before any fine tunning I might do, I’m not constantly stopped by Final Cut’s inability to show me my project as I edit it WITHOUT rendering 5 bazzillion times!!! I’m stopped over and over again by Final Cut’s ‘unrendered’ screen. The only reason I’m glad I have the Mac is compatibility with other Mac users on projects, but my NLE of choice is def Premiere.

New Stop Motion Videos by me…

Finally that new Stop Motion I said I was working on.

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Growing Content…

Tons of content added. Finally got up a bunch of fiction stories and started the non-fiction section. It will be small, so I will proably be done adding archived content from websites/life past in the morning. Also added a ton of stuff to the Harry Potter Gallery and my Design Gallery.

Website organization continues to progress

Well a significant portion of the content I wanted to include is on the site (yay). Still need to work on getting the rest of my fiction and all of my non-fiction on the site. I’m also re-organizing the gallery. However, I think I sort of have everything where I want it. Well, work tommorow, so I must go to bed. If anyone finds empty section of the site or weirdly labeled stuff, I’m still working on the clean up. Getting the content on here was the hardest part. I’ll clean up the rough edges as soon as I can. ‘Night.

How it should Have Ended….

Fun Non-Stop Motion animation by How it Should have ended.

How Harry Potter should have ended…

How Twilight should have ended…
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More Stop Motion worth watching

Just watched this stop motion today and had to post it here to share. Watch Harry & Ron make a mess with magic. :-)

My Own Stop Motion, making progress

So I spent much of the day using gimp to draw sparks of electricity in each frame of my latest Harry Potter stop motion. I should have 3 little stop motion projects to post soon. The Unicorn Speaks (my lip sync experiment), Her Magic (the Harry Potter special effects experiment), and a little mini Lego one I may or may not post.

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